Bone pain- hormonal (oestrogen), epi,?

Hello everyone
I posted a few weeks ago about the bone pain I had been having on epi and I know a few of you replyed and reassured me at the time about the aches epi can cause. Im still a bit worried though as over the last few weeks a couple of other things have come up.

Firstly I found a small lump on my breast bone which does not move about but is sore when pressed. My consultant felt it and said he thought it was just part of my rib. Also my pains have been getting worse in back, hips and ribs. Spoke to nurse at chemo yesterday who said epi should not do this?? so confused as I think we maybe all get told different things. The nurse did get a doctor to come and speak to me who said the pain was probably hormonal due to zoladex- I am however not on zoladex which I pointed out. She did then say it was likely to be caused by a drop in oestrogen which is caused by chemo- so hormonal bone pain. Maybe this is the same then as you others experiencied on epi. I remember Debbie saying you had bad bone pain with epi.

They have said just to watch it over the next few weeks to see if it gets worse and they will send me for xrays. I have been finding it hard to sleep now, so achey but of course worried so it could be this.

aggggghhhh- I should be happy to be half way through chemo and it just seems to be one thing after the next. Oh- little background- 2 tumors, calcifications, no nodes but close or positive margins (really dont know what he said to be in such a round about way),her2+, er+,pr? (I must ask this), grade2/3

I dont know if anyone can help but it sure helps me to chat on here because I know I just worry my family if I try to talk to any of them about my fears

Yvonne xx

I have just finished epi and i had terribly pains in my rib and my shins still hurt also got what i can only decribe as little electric shocks that go right through my body
when i spoke to my onc she said it would be the epi as its avery strong chemo i have not had any scans at all and had 3 lymph nodes infected but if you are still worried talk to them again its your body and hell we have enough to deal; with.
big Hug
Poppet x

Thanks for your advice Poppet- Im just going to wait and see how things go over the next couple of weeks. If it keeps going and they want to send me for a scan then I’ll go. Its so weird to never know whats going on with your body- I cant get out that much at the moment what with the chemo and the aches caught in a bit of a vicious circle of worry. A few people have said this now about the epi so it is reassuring (I hope that makes sence just woken up)
Yvonne x

i know what you mean about not been out and about i was a total couch potato on epi but my bloods hav e shot up on cmf and the aches are not to bad the worsed is my legs and i had phylbitis of the epi in my veins it total wiped my good arm out so now have chemo in surgery arm find it hard to move my arms just to type but getting better now off the epi.

How many more have you left? i know what you mean about whats just aniggle pain sets you mind racing at the moment i having hot flushes on a night as well but at the end of it hopefully we have the result we want.

poppet x

Hi Poppet
I had my last epi on wednesday there so getting ready to start cmf in around three weeks. I know what you mean about the arm (well not too sure about phylbitis)- my veins have started playing up and the doc seems the worst when I go to give bloods a couple of days before chemo. It must be a nightmare with them both playing up though. Ive started getting hot flushes- its rotten but I think its a good sign? Are you getting radiotherapy after youre finished chemo?

Yvonne x

Hi Yvonne
I find the CMF at the momment seems to have less side effects the only bad thing is that i get on day 1 and day 8 and thats 1 cycle and then 3 weeks off so a lot slow than epi are you having yours this way.
I found epi awful lots of side effects and felt in a bubble all the time.
I will be having rads but not sure how many are if i will be having boosters as 3 lymph glands infected then 5 years of hormones.

Poppet x

Hi Poppet
Im not too sure how i’ll be getting the Cmf I see my onc on the 6th feb so hopefully I’ll find out more then. Ive not liked epi too much at all but I can say they have seemed to get a little easier as they went on for me (in terms or sickness/nausea) I do know what you mean about a bubble- I dont think straight quite a bit of the time. Ive read a bit about boosters- I will need to ask about them also. Im getting 5 years hormones (tamoxifen) too and herceptin but not too sure when these will start

Yvonne x