Bone pain

Hello all

It has been a while since I was on here, and so far, have not been diagnosed with secondaries. I am becoming increasingly worried about my symptoms and wondered if any of you kind ladies could help me. I am 51, was diag at 48. Had mast, aux clearance, chemo and rads. Then arimidex which didnt suit giving stiff bone pain, now on Tamoxifen.

I have had painful feet for a few weeks now, particularly on my left foot. If I press it it doesnt hurt, its like the pain is from the bone not the muscle around it.

I am also VERY stiff all over, particularly in the mornings, and have back pain constently. I cant not think about secondaries, but have never had a full bone scan so never had that peace of mind, all be it for an initial period only.

Wondering if it is the affects of the drugs (no oestrogen so becoming an achy old lady?)arthritus, or secondaries. Suppose I should see my doctor.

Thanks in advance


Hi Irene

I won’t say that it’s great to hear from you again, as I am sorry that you are finding yourself in a situation to worry about! but I do remember you from 2007 when I was a few months behind you in treatments and you were very helpful and supportive! You are the name I remember most from that time, being a fellow teacher.

With regards to your foot pain, I was told by my oncologist that bone mets are very uncommon in lower arms and legs and that they usually develop first in the ‘middle section of your body.’ e.g. ribs, pelvis, spine.
Your back pain, given the lack of oestrogen and your age …sorry :0)… are most likely to be due to the hormone treatments themselves, or osteoporosis, caused by lack of oestrogen. In fact most of my friends (non BC aged mid forties) have some sort of back pain or other!!

I don’t think that you should worry unnecessarily but I do STRONGLY advise that you do get it checked out asap! I had a pain in my hip that I put up with for a few months, as I had aches and pains in most joints due to Aromasin and was hobbling around like an old lady most of the time! I mentioned it to my GP when I was seeing her about something else and she referred me for scans. Unfortunately I was found to have quite extensive bone mets in my hip, neck, shoulder, spine and ribs and a new tumour in my chest! Which is why I am back here again, 3 years later!

Due to your previous history you should be referred straightaway for scans, I don’t believe that you have anything to worry about, but the piece of mind when they come back clear will be invaluable.

Take care and try not to worry too much,

Nicky xxx

Hello Nicky

And thankyou for your lovely kind words! You seem to also be good with advice! So sorry to hear about your mets. This is one terrible disease. The foot pain is very strange, not the usualy ache, and I can see why you put off going to your doc as we all seem to suffer aches and pains. This pain is ‘different’ I suppose that is why I am worried.

Well I must go to bed, I have my moderator visiting school tomorrow am and still some prep to do for him!

Take care, and keep in touch.


Hi Irene,

There can be lots of causes of foot pain and sometimes it can be so bad that you think it must be something very serious.

What you said about never having that peace of mind from a clear bone scan struck a chord with me. I know exactly how you feel as I also have lots of aches and pains. I’m 47 and was dx last October so they could be hormone related, but my onc has referred me for a bone scan which I’m having today. His reasoning was that I’m highly unlikely to have bone mets, but given my bc history, it is the first thing that any other doctor (rheumatologist etc) will ask for. I am quite happy to have it and get that peace of mind too.

If you go to your GP, you should be referred for a bone scan for the same reason and hopefully that will give you peace of mind and also find out what is causing your pain so that it can be treated.

E xx

was wondering today if it is gout?!

I too had terrible pains in hands and feet over a year ago and changed drugs because of it. I fully understand the pain you have but you really should get it checked out to be on the safe side. I get lower back pain/hips and can hobble around on bad days but again down to the drugs. I find it difficult to now know when to go to the doctor and when not to. Apparaently i have been told if pain increases /sleep more or lossing weight i should return. Hope this helps.