Bone pain

Hi I had my 5th chemo cycle of MV carbo on wednesday. Last night I experienced horrendus pains starting from my neck and all across my back and arms. I could not sleep due to the pain and started to think the worse that I had bone cancer all over!!

My onc said that it was more likely do to with my bone marrow having to work hard and causing this pain. Has anybody else experienced bone pain during chemo cycles?. This is the first time it has happend to me and I have had 3 types on chemos during nearly 5 years. Could by body be giving up?

Thank you for any assurance.


hello , i had taxotere, after my mastectomy and the pains were so bad i had to come off it , afraid i was ill and without sleep for nearly 10 days, differant side effects for everyone so not all will get these reactions, hope you continue to recover well .love lynn x

I have just had my fifth chemo (Taxotere) and experience bone pain all over, but mostly in lower leg and feet - it is a common side effect for Tax. It is very painful for a day or two, but then subsides and lasts for around a further 2-3 days.

I have not heard of the chemo you are on, but perhaps if you post another topic entitled MV carbo side effects, you might find someone else on this chemo to compare notes with?

Take care


I am on m v cisplatin. I also experience pain, mainly in my spine, mid cycle, and I was sure my spine mets were getting worse.A scan showed that this wasn’t the case and the chemo is working quite wll. This is my fourth different type of chemo and I hadn’t experienced this pain before.It seems to clear up before I start my next cycle.
Best wishes