Bone scan and CT scan

Can anyone help me ?
Has anyone had the experience of a bone scan showing extensive bone mets but nothing new showing on CT scan. I am really confused. Have 3 known bone mets on my spine. I have no symptoms. I had a recent bone scan as had some pain which they now think was disc problem as totally resolved. This bone scan is showing what they think are bone mets on nearly all my spine shoulders pelvis and ribs. This does not match up with CT scan as my oncologist went through it bone by bone.My bloods are unchanged. I have been started on faslodex. My oncologist agrees that this spread could not have happened in two months since my last CT scan. I am so shocked.
Thank you so much for time.

Hello Lovelyday and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read that you have such worry at the moment and I am sure you are anxious for replies from your fellow users. In addition, please feel free to call our helpline team who are here to offer you further support and information on 0808 800 6000, lines open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday

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Hi lovelyday. This is a bit of a ramble but I wanted to tell my story. I had a nuclear bone scan about 18 months ago as I had some pain in my back and legs and when they got the report from the scan it said I had bone mets - They were quite negative about my prognosis and a in fact my Onc said that it wasn’t good news as I had only finished chemo about 2 months before and basically said I must prepare for the worst. I remember coming out of the surgery totally shocked and basically thought that was it and there was no treatment for me. After much despair and crying I rang the helpline on here and got some fantastic advice about treatments available and they sent me a huge amount of literature which explained everything and what treatments are available. They also told me that I could get a second opinion if I was unhappy with my Onc (which I was) he was so negative and it felt he had ‘given up on me’. I went for that second opinion, my BCN sorted it for me in about a week (and it was over christmas) and the second consultant looked at all my scans again, CT scans and bone scans and actually said to me that they had made a mistake and in fact I did not have bone mets just arthritis in my T8, spine. What had shown up on the bone scan looked like a met, but when they compared all the scans in fact it wasn’t mets at all. I couldn’t believe it and whilst it was fantastic news I still had doubt that if they made a ‘mistake’ once they could do it again and didn’t feel I could believe it. As I said that was about 18 months ago - I still have the arthritus, my symptoms stiffness in my back but my GP says there is no treatment for it just keep moving and do exercises which I do. They do make mistakes and these scans are very difficult to read. If I were you I would ask for a second opinion and get someone to look at all your records and make sure you have a correct diagnosis - you may be like me and not have mets at all. good luck x

Fantastic news Saffronseed - but really shocking !
Dont really know what to say to you Lovelyday64, but it may be worth getting a second opinion!

Lovelylady I have exstensive bone mets in spine,ribs,hip,pelvis and femur.I had a bone scan recently(so they could compare with my originalbone scan) as I had pain in my hip.It was decided that comparing that scan alongside my ct scans that it was arthritis.I did expect this to be the result as I have had arthritis in my knees and hands for some years.I know it is difficult sometimes to distinguise between mets and arthritis on a bone scan.I also had an mri as I was having an op so they compared all 3 scans.I have been having 3 monthly scans to keep an eye on my organs but at this moment all my mets are stable so I skipped last ct scan.My onc told me at my last appointment that they had looked at all my scans going back to dx and were satisfied there was no progression at the moment.This all happened because I asked for a second opinion,so this may be worthwile for you to do.
I am not complacent because I know this can change at any time,but I feel it important to know where I am at in the present.Do ask for someone to have another look for you so at least you know what you are facing and what tretments are available.
You can have a second opinion without changing your current treatment centre,or you can ask to see another onc.Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon
Saffronseed that is really good news.

Hello Lovelylady - yes do ask for a second opinion, it is your right to do so. Also it may be worth asking for a MRI scan. I had a bone scan that showed up a lot of abnormalities - it was only when I had a MR that they were able, or prepared to say which were Arthritis and which mets. Apparently it is clearer on the MRI. This was followed up by a CT scan to check the organs.
What an awful experience Saffronseeed. It just goes to show that medics a fallible whatevr they like to believe…

Goodluck and hope things look brighter in the future

Thank you to you all for sharing your experiences. I will ask for MRI scan of my spine. I have never had one so it would be good to compare all three scans. I feel very well. Just back stiffness some mornings. I still can’t get my head around that could had such extensive bone met spread in two months while my alkaline phosphatase hasn’t risen.
I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to talk to you all as you understand what it like to live with cancer. I spend most of my time playing it down because I try and protect my husband and children as they get so worried and upset.
Thank you so much to everyone for replying and best wishes to you. X

Glad you are feeling more settled Lovelylady. I hope that you get your MRI and it produces a more positive picture for you.
Know what you mean about the stiff back - I feel about 80 in the mornings. Standing under a hot shower helps.

Let us know how you get on. - JAcqui

Thank you Jacqui. You take care too xxx