Bone Scan appointment time

Bone Scan appointment time

Bone Scan appointment time Hi,
I was wondering the experience some of you may have of the times for a bone scan. I contacted a department yesterday and was informed that I would probably wait three to four months. I feel this is quite a time, although it is primarily for the bone density side but it would be good to know there are no mets around.
I have multiple skeletal problems and have more aches and pains recently that may be due to the tramoxifen. The Oncologist has said I may have to change to arimidex. With this in mind the time for the scan seems a long way off. They are contacting me hopefully, today to let me know if this time scale is confirmed. Just wondered what times some of you had to wait.
I go for radiotherapy planning tomorrow so would be good to be armed with as much info as possible.
Thank you in anticipation of your feed back.

Hi - is this your first bone scan or a follow up one?

I had my bone scan not long after surgery and before the chemo started so the onc had all the details to hand before deciding on which chemo to give. Unless they can give you a good reason to having to wait 3 to 4 months (which benefits you) I would certainly push to get it sooner

I had a bone scan after 2nd op and before the chemo started, I also had a ct scan for the lungs, liver and kidneys at the same time. I waited 2 weeks as the onc wanted to know if any cells were on the move before he finalised the chemo.

I would go back to your onc and ask why the delay. I hope all goes well for you

Hugs Marion.

bone scan that seems a long wait to me
Can your oncologist mark the request as urgent?
Mine did and i had it done within a week
Might be worth asking


Bone Scann app. time Thank you for your input, it will certainly give me the confidence now to push for a sooner date.

As far as I am aware, you have dif scans for bone density and the one to check for mets is just called a bone scan. I had both in 2 dif hospitals. Bone densisty is a very simple test where a takes a full skeleton piccy of your whole body and the result shows if you have oesteoperosis or a prepensisty for it later.

The bone scan is similar but you have a tiny radioactive injection 2-3 hrs before and the machine moves over you. (It is not the polo type that you go into so not claustrophobic).

I waited 6 wks for bone densisty and was told result straight away.
I waited 2 wks for bone scan and was told result 2 days later.

Hope this helps


Hi! Hi eileenmary,

I know that many hospitals are different and all of us here seem to have completely different experiences! I had a ct scan prior to starting chemo and was advised that my hospital only does bone scans if I have any pain or if the ct shows anything suspicious. My ct showed a tiny blip on my scan that was reported as likely to be non-malignant and completely unrelated to my bc. Even so, for my own peace of mind, my oncologist referred me for a bone scan to use as a ‘baseline’. I only had to wait 2 weeks before I had the scan and thankfully it came back clear.

Many women have ct, bone scans and mri’s routinely at their hospitals whilst others don’t seem to have had half as many tests. I think, as ever, it is a postcode lottery. And I guess this is also the case when it comes to waiting times for these tests.

I hope all goes well. Take care and be sure to let us know how you get on,