Bone scan etc. when node involvement

Bone scan etc. when node involvement

Bone scan etc. when node involvement Hello all,
I was diagnosed on 13th April with a grade 2 13mm lump and 4 out of 6 lymph nodes removed in sentinel node biopsy with cancer. I have to have a full clearance on 1st May. This was a terrific shock as I have always tried very hard to be positive. I just didnt expect more bad news. Then I find out that I have to have a bone scan and a CT scan of chest and liver. I had the bone scan yesterday and ended up in tears, the first time Ive cried hard for a long time. I am terrified it has spread and am now really nervous about the other scans on Thursday and more frightened to get the results. Is it likely that there would be further spread at this stage and is this why theyre giving me these extra tests? As usual anyone’s experiences would be more than welcome.
I apologise in advance if I dont thank people for any replies straight away as Im finding it difficult to get online due to just moving house!
Thanks for any help.
Pauline x


I was disgnisos on 8/8/06 with a 15mm grade 3, 6 nodes involved. The surgeon said they would do a bone scan and CT scan. Like you I thought this is it. I asked him if he was expecting to find any thing and he said a very very firm NO. He said it was their practise for all node positive patients to be scanned as a base line. I have two ther friends with pretty much the same diagnosis as me and they were also scaned. All our scans have been negative. You will find on this site that lots of women get scanned and most of the time they are all clear.

Once you get these scans over you can then move on, the worst part of this disease is the waiting.

Good luck

nodes… I’m also node pos. but Royal Marsden dosen’t seem to do routine scans.Onc told me there was probably only a 2-3 month gap between anything being seen on a scan/showing on a blood test and symptoms developing and since if you develop distant spread getting the right treatment was more important than discovering spread early-they dont tend to scan. He also felt it caused unecessary anxiety to patients in terms of waiting time and false positive results or other “anomalies” that may show up.

Geraldine -I’m a health visitor too --are you enjoying all the re-organisation??

I was diagnosed as Stage 3, node positive (1 out of 22) and HER2+. My surgeon only recommended a chest x-ray and some blood tests in my case. It seems to vary from place to place like everything else with this illness. I must admit it’s something I’m going to ask my onc about when I next see her.

For instance, I’ve heard about people getting Piriton prior to Herceptin, but the cancer centre I’m attending for my first one tomorrow say they don’t bother with it. I was also told not to use any creams on the skin where I had rads until after treatment was finished.

Bone scan I had 1 out of 11 nodes affected and had a bone scan. I am at the Marsden (Sutton) and was told that this is routine where nodes are involved and that they didn’t expect to find anything which they didn’t.


Hi Margaret -which consultant are you under at the marsden? As you can see I’m treated there, also node pos and no scans!!

Hi Cherry I saw you are at the Marsden but didn’t know whether this is Sutton or London. I’ve just dug out the letter following my meeting with Dr Bhawna Sirohi in Sr Johnston’s clinic after my op. To quote “She will have a baseline bone scan in view of one of the lymph nodes being involved”.

Margaret x

Hi Margaret -I’m at the Sutton branch too! -under c/o Prof Smith. I find this very strange since presumably the breast unit operates under the same protocols! I would ask the next time I’m there except they might drag me off for one -and then I would lapse still further into the worry pit!
Cherry x

Hi Cherry This is strange. Worth asking but, as you say, you don’t want more anxiety. It’s a bit like the lady who had her op at the same time as me. No nodes were taken from her which she was initially pleased about but then was worried when she heard that some had been taken from me. She wondered whether something might be lurking undiscovered. It’s all so traumatic.

Where do you live? I’m in Ashtead (near Epsom).

Margaret x

Hi Margaret -yes, very strange.I might pluck up courage to ask one day! I’m in Reigate, so not far away from you -my children used to go to school in Leatherhead,and my son is now at school in Epsom!

Hi Cherry Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on!


thank you everyone To everybody who replied to my post - thank you!

You have made me feel a lot better. I think I agree that these scans do cause unnecessary anxiety, I have always been positive but the past week has been a nightmare.

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough when I will find out one way or another - I tell you what though, if theyre clear, I’ll be having a very large drink - or two!!

Thanks again for all your support and good luck with your own treatment.
Pauline x