bone scan- what is going to happen on the day?

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May i ask what is going to happen normally on the day of the bone scan? how long does it take to get the result??

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Usually you get to the bone scanning department where they will give you an injection of radioactive dye and then you can sit there or go away for about 2 hours and drink plenty of water to get the uptake of the dye into your bones.
There are a variety of bone scanning machines. I have laid down and had a semicircular metal donought about 40cm in width go up and down over my body.
I’ve laid down and had a huge metal plate that the table you lie on goes up and over you. This one I find goes quite close to your face but only for about 5 minutes.
I’ve even stood up and had almost like continuous xrays taken of me. This last method is the oldest and I really don’t like standing up for about 45 minutes whilst they take the pictures. The laying down ones take about 30 minutes depending on your height and weight etc.
I have found some of the rooms quite cold as the machines get hot so ask for a blanket if you think this may happen.
They always ask you lots of questions about bone pain now, previous injuries, any knowledge of arthritis and sometimes they seem to go back over certain areas which I find is always worrying but not always a sign of bad news. Sometimes, these scans show up things like arthritis or various other odd things. Sometimes, if there is spread to the bone it does not always show up if it is very small but that is true of all scans. It is really only accurate on the day it is taken.
For getting results - down to each hospital. I’ve had the result in a few hours to 5 weeks depending on how urgent or concerned they are.
Hope it all goes well
The main thing is that for 24 hours after you’ve had the radioactive dye injected, you should not have contact with pregnant women or small children which is a nightmare if you are a mum of small children.

When I have bone scans I keep my eyes closed throughout! because of scanner passing close to body. The scanning process is quite relaxing and not noisy. Takes 3 hours from injection to start of scan, at the hospital I attend. I get whole-body scan plus separate shorter scans of chest(ribs), each side.

Thanks for the replies both!! take care xx