bone scan

I had a bone scan on 2nd jan due to months before my BC really bad pain in my ribs and pelvis and lower spine. I got a call from BCN to say that results were clear which is fantastic but I am still suffering with the pain. I know chemo can affect this but should I still be worried. It comes and goes and really affects my sleep!!!

will they scan again later on, months, years?? what are peoples experiences??

thanks for any info you can give me.


Hi vicky,

really pleased for you. I’ve had two bone scans about 7 months apart and if the pain continues hopefully the hospital wont refuse another bone scan

thanks sukes, I will mention it again at the next appointment. I know I should be glad of the clear result but maybe paranoid but dont want the shock of secondaries or at least find out as early as possilble. can I be nosey - why have you had two? have they been good with you and will they continue to scan?? don’t worry if you don’t want to answer I am realising if I don’t ask I don’t know. had district nurse asking me questions today that I had no idea at all and really expected her to deal with it but feel like I should of known, but I never knew about it in the first place and my crystal ball skills left me a long time agon - sorry rambling now. thanks for your input it really helps my out.


I have slight bone mets and have had 3 scans so far - the orig at diagnosis in July 07, one in Jan 08 and one Aug 08 and will have them every 6 months or so to monitor things. Next appointment with onc is March so will mention it then if not summoned earlier ! I am on bisphosphonates for it anyway so am at hospital once a month for a drip. They did say to let them know if I get any pain at any time and they will check it out so I feel comfortable with that and that any change will be picked up reasonably early.