bone scan

Worried about bone scan.


Uk Rose try not to worry we all have bone scans ct scans after dx to see if spread I know it not easy but it’s routine lots of test appt bla bla to treatment day comes let us know how u get on Laura x

hello UKrose, Are you worried about the actual scan itself or are you worried about the results of the scan? I have had many bone scans and it is nothing to worry about. If you haven’t had one and want to know what happens feel free to ask on here and I can get back to you. The waiting for scans and results is very hard but we know what it is like so are here if you need a helping hand. Val

To Ukrose, Did you have your bonescan?

Hi scottishlass, yes i had it yeserday.

Rose X

Did you cope okay? How long until you get your results?

I cope well very neves and the tention builed up over night and i ached.

Rose X