Bone scan

My docter wants me to have a bone scan so will have to try and fit in before rads start on 18 th this month it’s all go be glad when over hugs to every one

Sorry no one’s replied to your post Toulula, but good luck with the bone scan.  If you need any added support don’t forget the helpline are just that free phone call away.

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

hi Toulula

i am to have a bone scan dont know how they do a bone scan am quite scared.I just mentioned to my breast surgeon that i have had afew sore spots under my affected breast which come and go I am fed up of being worried . Good luck with your scan, I found radiotherapy ok not too many side effects hope it will be like that for you love Gill

Iam having bone scan on 30th this month and seeing docter next week so will ask just hope it is not same time as radiation have not had dates or times yet just first one on the 18this month

Hi ya
I had lots of scans before I started my treatment to check for spread, also had a pect scan as they thought it had gone to my liver, turns out i was a lucky lady and it hadnt spread !
All of the scans are easy,ct, bone scan is similar quite comfy and didn’t take long, the pect scan was a bit weird had to sit still and not talk for one hour, they were checking my liver on a molecular level, but the scan itself was easy ! Worst one for me was MRI just because of that small tube !!!
None are painful or uncomfortable, waiting for results is really the worst bit :slight_smile:
If just finished all my treatment one week ago now just got a couple of check ups and I’m free for a little while :slight_smile: I had chemo first, then two operations, lymph node clearance, 4.5 weeks of radiotherapy !!!
Good luck to everyone xxx you can do it xxx