Bone scan

Hya ladies,

I went to see Consultant Breast Surgeon 1 mont ago for check up as I had hysterectomy 12 weeks ago and have gone through the surgical menopause, I told him I am having bad pain in my lower back and base of my neck, he called me back in 2 weeks ago and said I would have a bone scan, to make sure everything okay and for my bone density and then I would go back on Tamoxifen, he explained that I would have an injection before scan, my back is not getting any better and is tender to touch also I have started getting pain in my right shoulder which is also tender and a couple of ribs down from my right breast has got a swelling on and is really sore, any way I have got my scan appt through and it says I will not have an injection and they are only scanning my lower back,
I do not know anything about these scans, does anyone know if they just scan my lower back if it will show if anything is wrong? I am getting really worried as the pain is constant now and am taking a lot of painkillers a day and not getting much sleep at night as I wake up when I move because it is sore.
Should I just go for the scan and say nothing or ask if they can scan all of the sore bits?
I would really appreciate some advise because my mind is working overtime and am getting really scared that something sinister is happening, sorry to go on and on but I have not had scans before so do not know what it will entail.
Thankyou for any advise in advance, Rowlaine

hi Rowlaine,

I cannot give you answers yet as I am in a similar position to you but lets pool information as that might help.

I have 10 months history of neuralgic pain in right arm and middle back pain. Diagnosed with BC one month ago and then a CT scan showed 2 tumours on my spine with rib involvement.

I have just completed my radiation treatment for the tumours and the pain has lessened enough for thr rib pain to jump to the fore. I too will be having a bone scan in a months time Appt not arrived yet so I dont know any details. However doc told me it would be all my bones examined.
If I was in your position I would not wait till your appt. There is far too much waiting in the NHS. Ring the actual department if you have the number.

I will be very interested to see what they say…

Thoughts Ruftikins

Hi Ruftikins, first of all sorry for your BC diagnosis, I have not had a CT scan or anything, I was diagnosed 18 months ago, had lumpectomy, which diagnosed BC, then WLE and lymph node removal, none involved, had rads then Tamoxifen, joint pains real bad with Tamoxifen and periods every 2 weeks, extremely heavy so stopped Tamoxifen, found large cyst on left ovary so had total hysterecomy and oopherectomy 12 weeks ago. Gone through surgical menopause (still got the flushes!) so they want to start me back on Tamoxifen. I have tried ringing the department for bone scan but no one there so left a message, OH says I have to ask for full scan because of the pain, but whether I get one or not is another matter.Just so worried they will just look to see bone density and not bother to look at my pain area’s and they miss it.
Normally I would just go along with what they say but the pain is not getting any better, I am due back at work on the 21st August after 6 months off ( was off 3 months before hyst with symptoms) anyway that is my scan date. I might ring Consultants secretary and ask her to get back to me on what exactly they are going to do, I feel so stuck between a rock and a hard place at moment, I am hoping it is the hormones from the hysterectomy but little niggle saying it might not be,
Fingers crossed anyway, I hope you get your appt through soon and all goes smoothly, let me know how you get on, and thankyou for your reply, it really helps, just feel so isolated at the moment.
Take care, Rowlaine x

Hi Rowlaine

I am relatively new on this site, diagnosed with bc on 16th July, then had an MRI Scan, Bone Scan and CT Scan a week later and was told on 26th July that it had spread to my liver. I had to have an injection for my bone scan, and had to lie on a hard bed thing and the scan started at the top of my head and went all the way down to me feet and then goes under the bed and starts from feet back to my head. Took about 40 mins in total, as about 20 mins to do each side. Didn’t think that they would start half way down your body, but the machine I was on could be set to start anywhere. Not sure if this is helpful.

I would get your OH to ring either your consultant or the scan people direct and ask them what exactly they are going to do and maybe explain your pains.

Hope you get things sorted.


Hi Dawn,

thankyou for your reply, I have just read your post about your diagnosis, my heart went out to you, your children are so tiny, I am 44yrs, was 42 diagnosed, my children are up now, I have girl 27, son 25, son 22 and girl 19, also 2 grandchildren, boy 6 and girl 12 weeks.
I can only imagine how you must be feeling, I know when mine were little I was always scared about anything happening and me leaving them.
You are such a caring person, to be able to answer to someone else’s post when you are still reeling from your own diagnosis is wonderful.
I have tried ringing hospital today couple of times and left messages but no one has got back to me as yet, will keep trying tho.
I am so glad you have a supportive family Dawn, they will be there for your ups and downs, and your little one’s will just keep loving mummy while she has her treatment and onwards, as will the ladies on here, I find that this site is so good, when you feel down and helpless there are so many wonderful people on here who understand, you can rant, rave, laugh and cry but they all know how you are feeling. I find that I get more information here than I do off my nurse, onc and consultant, there are alot of the ladies who are so well informed and they give so much hope and faith to all of us.
I wish you well in your treatment Dawn and sending you big cyberhugs for being such a kind, caring person at this tense time in your life. Keep in touch and let me know how you are getting on,

Take care, Love Rowlaine x