bone scan

Feeling a bit fragile at the moment. Had an Xray a couple of weeks ago for a pain in my collar bone on my BC side never heard anything from the doctors, just got a letter on Friday sending me for a bone scan this Tuesday. Panic set in, knew it must be something to do with the Xray and thought it must be really serious as the appointment was so soon. I phoned GP who reassured me a little by saying that it was because they could not get a clear picture and due to my medical history. Getting more frightened the nearer it gets. Not scared of the test, just the results, and I have to wait two weeks for them.

Hi Nightowl, it’s nearly 24 hour daylight here now so it’s hard to be a night owl, I’m woffling I know but only because I wish I could do something more…, anyway I’m sending you a big hugxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Nightowl,
Know how you feel, had a letter from hospital to see onc a few days after routine bone scan and completely frieked (spelling?) out ( am normally in control).

I rang my breast nurse who immediately got the results for me and they were clear, so do use your breast nurse they have access so many things.

Also I have had so many routine scans …fingers crossed, so far they are all O.K. so try not to panic, most of the checks are routine., to rule out any tiny possible problem.

Its the waiting thats the worst part!!

Try to keep busy …thats my saviour!!

Good luck,
Take care,