Bone scans how long?

Hi all iv just had my bone scan done but my friend had hers over 2 weeks ago and still hasn’t got results. Do they tell you sooner if they find something? And can the bone scan detect anything else ?? X rozita

When I had my bone scan I asked the guy when he’ll have the result ready he said he puts them on the computer this PM or the next day (my scan was midday), then I went straight to my chemo unit and said to the nurse the bone scan guy said the results are available today or tomorrow, so how can I found out about them. She said’ she’ll see to it. In the evening the onc was pohoning me and told me the result.
I don’t know what you mean by detecting anything else? I think it mainly shows hot spots, my scan was not conclusive unfortunately and now waiting for MRI. It shows arthitis too for example.

Hope this helps,

Christine xx

Thnx will hav t wait ? X

I didnt get any bone scan results either, until I finally asked in the chemo suite about it, and the nurse seemed cross that I asked, and that I couldnt expect her to tell me anything. But she said she’ll check with the secretary.
And then 5 or 6 days later I got a letter in the post saying it was all okay, this would have been about 5-6 weeks after the actual scan i think.
It would have been over 2 months of waiting for my next onc appt if those results hadnt been posted, I was a bit peeved that they don’t expect us to need results if its all okay, I dont think there should be a theme of ‘no news is good news’ because things can be overlooked and fall through the net. We have to be vigilent and proactive in making sure we’re kept informed, after all, it is our bodies they’re dealing with!