Boo Hoo chemo postponed

Well thats just not fair. Was due to have part 2 of my 2nd cycle of CMF today and i have been diagnosed with Bronchitus. I have had a terrible cough and a temperature so i know its best to wait, but i would have been finished by christmas and now my last one will be on Christmas Eve, assuming i don’t have any more delays of course.

I also wanted to ask, as the end draws in sight, i am actually scared. You sort of feel safe while your under the hospital being treated and being released out into the world with no more treatment is actually quite scarey. Anyone else feel/felt like this?

Thanks for all your great advice ladies.

Gaynor xx

Hi Gaynor

Sorry that your treatment was postponed its a real bummer when that happens! I have just completed FEC no 5 1 more to go on 2nd November - the only date imprinted on my brain!!. I also have fears similar to you - you feel cocooned in the safe arms of chemo and all that worry but once it finishes you wonder whats next? The onc told us that we will see the surgeon again and have regular 3 monthly then 6 monthly checks so I think that they will always be there but it is quite a scary thought. I had a very early diagnosis but it still doesn’t prepare you for forever does it?. I hope everything goes ok and you are feeling better than you were - I will be thinking of you as you get to that last post! Best wishes


Thank you Julie,

Good luck to you also for November. Because i am doing a trial i get followed up for 10 years instead of 5. That was one of the deciding factors of agreeing to do a trial. So i must start looking at the positives and ignoring the negatives as much as possible.

Although i am sure doctors and oncologists are used to post treatment hypocondriacs!!!

Gaynor x

Hi Gaynor
I know what you’re going through, had y second chemo postponed because of a chest infection - I tried all sorts to persuade them to go ahead… but, although it put me back to after Christmas (at least), I actually needed that extra week. Hope the bronchitis is better very soon and that you get this chemo on time.