Book recommendations?

Hello, I am very new to BC and adapting slowly to my recent diagnosis whilst still in a bit of a limbo as I wait for more information/a plan. I am an academic by profession and I read voraciously. I manage difficult situations by reading and would love to hear if you have any book recommendations? I have got the Victoria Derbyshire book which I found terrific and helpful. I also love the resources on this site, but I would be keen to hear if anyone has come across books they’d recommend. 

Hi AnnaK,

You might find this Coffee Lounge thread of interest. 

BTW, Anna Karenina is one of my favourite books, I’ve read it several times!


The book I have found most helpful, latest edition is Dr Susan Loves Breast Book, its big, has interesting details re treatments.


i just read relevant parts, she is american though.


Hope this helps :slight_smile: