Booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in Edinburgh?

right…third time lucky hopefully! Ive just posted this in the wrong place twice already!..


My name is Emma, i’m 30 yrs old, I’ve travelled up from Liverpool as I managed to miss the one that was on my doorstep!

I’ve got an 8month yr old baby who i’ve left for the first time since she was born. I’m very much looking forward to a peaceful break!

I was diagnosed this time two years ago but it’s all just really catching up with me now, I’m a bit of a mess and an emotional wreck, so i apologise in advance for all the crying i will inevitably do!!

looking forward to meeting you all xxx

Hi ladies just checked in I’ve been down to bistro and bar don’t seem to see anyone around so back up in y room xx

I’ll be coming straight after school run (am in Haddington). I *should* be on time, but traffic could be a nightmare at this time…