booster injection

after seeing my gp y/day he has requested a booster injection the day after my chemo which is tax this is to bring my blood counts back up quicker is anybody having these injections and how did they find them

I had them from the district nurse, at home, the day after chemo. I didn’t have any problems with it, and my blood count was good for all my chemos and I had no infections throughout my treatment.

I think that some people get joint pain from it, but i didn’t find this - my only problem was the tiredness and nausea after each chemo!


Have been doing these myself and never really liked injections. The needle is really fine and only takes a few seconds to do. I have heard that some people get a bit of bone pain but i have never had that and has really helped my bloods.

Hope that helps

Jayne xxx

thanks jayne will let you no how i get on

l am due my second chemo tomorrow, after my first chemo, the nurse asked me if l was happy doing the injections myself, otherwise they would arrange the district nurse to come in, l said l was happy to do them, mine were for 10days, l was sent home with a dvd to watch on how to inject.
They were very easy and far better than sitting waiting for the district nurse to come in each day.
I have this morning seen the oncologist, who tells me they are now have the one day booster injection, he is not sure if they will be ready for me tomorrow, so if not back to the 10 day one.
But really easy to do
Good Luck
Sandra x

this is the 1 day booster that the nurse is doing

Hi Elaine,

I had my chemo last summer and had these injections for 7 days after each one. I was having high doses of chemo and my Onc told me not having the boosters wasn’t an option. Doing the injections is simple because you only need to inject into a fatty area without needing to find any veins. It is painless because the needle is so fine and just takes a bit of courage and a steady hand the first time. I did have bone pain but it only lasted a few days each cycle when I was feeling rubbish from the Tax anyway. I could predict exactly when it started and how long it would last and just arranged to do things at other times. Hopefully, like the other ladies you won’t have any pain but if you do there are some painkillers that do help so don’t suffer in silence. Jan xx

Hi elaine

I have had a neulasta injection 24hrs after chemo since I started. I do the injection myself at home and it is really easy to do. Like Jan I to had bone pain for a few days but it quickly settled.

Tomorrow I have chemo no 5 and I have never had any trouble with infection or bloods. Good luck with your chemo and injections.

love Anne xx

i had 5 injections given by my district nurse after my first chemo, but my neurtrphils still went down to 0.8 so my oncologist changed me to the one injection neulasta which is the gold standard one acording to him, but there are cost implications so he needs to be able to justify it, which my low count did for me.

was fine on a/c blood was always ok im now on tax having 2nd one next week have to have x4 of them cant shake infections off having thrush in my mouth then sore eyes i now have got ear infection hoping antibiotics do the trick been ok appart from that hope the injection will work for me should be ok then

hi i had booster injection was ok just having a terrible weekend had my 2nd tax on wed looking 4ward 2 getting this week over spent most days in bed thinking bout the things i need 2 do being a mum and a wife found it difficult to do anything never mind feeling a bit low 2day sun shinning husbands of work at weekends feel like we should b doin something but problary wont due to me not feeling my best any top tips on pick me ups

Hi Elaine

Probably not what you want to hear but I found the best way was just to stay in bed until the worst was over and let other people do the stuff that needed doing. I beat myself up about it at first but my family made me see sense that if I rested when I needed to I had more strength on my good days.

Hope you feel better soon, Jan xx

thanks jan been in bed most of the day now heres hoping 2moz a better day

Hi Elaine

I needed the neulasta injection after my chemo to make sure my bloods came back up, it was ok, i hate needles but the one they use is so fine it is ok, hardly felt it, but I did have a nice roll of fat for it to go into! There is a cost implication in which one is perscribed, my gp looked up the cost and the one off Neulasta injection is over £900 so I think they do see how you get on before they perscribe it.

Dont worry about it, it is fine and will help you get through the chemo asap.

Good luck

Dena x

Hi all
It is really comforting to be able to read about others experiences on this Chemo trip.
I am half way through Chemo and or Wed, 21 July I start with Taxotere - 3 treatments every 3 weeks.
I am fortunate to be apart of a trial study (for Marketing purposes) to include 5 Granocyte injections daily after each Chemo treatment, the Granocyte is a booster injection to increase my white blood cell count - probably a good idea as I am in Cape Town, it is winter at the moment, and so lots of rain and very cold - not a good time to be with out hair.
But all in all, I have been so encouraged to see just how doable Cancer and Chemo is -
Would love to hear from anyone, in particular if you have been on Taxotere and Granocyte.
My love and best wishes to all

Hi everyone

Just had my first tax on Wednesday, followed up by the one shot Neulasta jab, so it’s great to hear so many ladies have had this and it’s helped out.

My bloods have been fine all the way through the FEC, though white cells have halved since the last one, so perhaps that’s why I’m getting it.

In any case, feeling very tired but managed to have pretty much two days in bed, which I always found worked through the FEC, meant I came through it all much more quickly so felt better for the remainder of the cycle.

Good luck everyone!


Hi all

Just popped in. On my last but one chemo i went neutropenic at 0.3 at worst and had an 8 day stay in hospital, so this time round i was prescribed 5 booster injections after my chemo. District nurse pops out, just had the 4th one out of the 5 prescribed and have not had any problems. Looking at side effects was abit daunting - but like chemo we are all react differently. But the worry is always the same.

Good luck

Hi to you all
Am having FEC 4 next week after having had delays at every treatment.Chemo doses have been altered but still have white blood count of between 0.4 and 0.6 at week 3. I have been lucky and have had no infections. I am now to have 7 daily jabs which commence 5 days after the chemo.Am very concerned as my doc says the pain I am already geting in my bones will be a lot worse but the plus outcome will be that I shouls get no more delays. My white cells are unfortunately very sensitive but I must take this as a positive that they, along with the rest of my cells, are being zapped! Hope all of you are geting through this with managable side effects - me well I feel quite down - wished I could have started booster jabs earlier(but they hoped my body would kick in and do the job)


Hi Technician,

If it’s any consolation the pain from the marrow booster doesn’t usually last more than a few days. I hope you get off lightly (and some people do).

best wishes, Jan xx