Booster sessions

Hi everyone

Having originally been told I’d have 15 sessions of rads (at hospital where I had my op. By breast care nurse), I’ve now been told (at hospital where I’m having rads) that I’ll have an additional 3 booster session to area where cancer was.
How common is this, is it just up to the different oncologists?

Hi Atat
I had a Wle for my dcis and was told I would have 25 rads and two boosters. I asked about boosters and was told that my margins were too close and hence the boosters.
Next time you see your onc ask about it.
Take care

Thanks. I needed to re-excision of my margins, was told they were now OK, but perhaps not ! or oncologist being on safe side

I also had WLE with clear margins, 15th rad tomorrow, then 5 boosters starting Tuesday. I have moisturised twice a day and my skin does appear slightly red at times but is not sore. I also have has mild underarm discomfort which I have been told is quite normal.

Hi Atat,i had a clear margin and no node involvment and i am half way through radiotherapy,i am to have 15 sessions plus i am to have 3 boosters sessions at the tumour site,i think this is quite usual.Good luck .Hope all goes well Love Ellies x