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ness1. x

Hi Ness

Just been on here trying to suss out the mess on vitamins and supplements, to take or not to take. Surely someone somewhere would have a clear answer in todays day and age! I suppose if in doubt leave it out. Did you take anything when you had your chemo?

Good to catch up with you again tonight. Your story reminds me of my own in terms of its treatment etc. though of course you are further on. Anyways, I’ll go and do a few mum jobs before bed, got a big day tomorrow - I’ve been called back to a meeting regarding a new job I was interviewed for last week…fingers crossed that its promising!

Catch you soon - I check on here most days in the evenings.


Hi G. yes good to catch up, I agree our treatment is very similar. The only suplement that my BCN has told me to take is vit D and that is for bone strengthening as Ive started on Femara and at risk of osteoprosis. I took no suplements while on chemo, but ate loads of home made veg/chicken soup, and like I said on the phone, tried to stick by the rules of chemo, kept out of busy places etc, no fruit unpealed etc. I found chemo to be quite do-able.

I will keep my fingers crossed regarding your job interview - Are you still working then? I signed myself off as soon as I was diagnosed, I have worked at the same company all my working life and luckily they have a very good sickness policy, which I never dreamed I would be taking advantage of!!!

Hey guess who’s still on here!

Just been busy sticking on a post about… vitamins! Looks like my investment will be pushed to the back of the cupboard until a later date given all the conflicting advise. I’ve been doing same re trying to keep healthy but thought I’d try really hard and give myself a boost. Don’t know why as touch wood been healthy so far.

I’m not currently working and I didn’t think I would be able to either when I was first dx - I could barely function in the weeks before (anxiety) for a few weeks after but now life seems to have got in to a rhythm again and I think maybe I can go back to work - though it depends of the company and what adjustments they might need to make etc. There’s a job I really wanted so I’ve ‘gone for it’! I was made redundant at the start of the year which co-incided with me starting maternity leave with my youngest so I don’t currently have a job. Its a bummer in a way because last year I was so well protected financially with sick leave policy, extra life cover, private med etc. but hey this is life and that’s how things go and you know, it really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things - we’ll get by, I’m not planning on popping my cloggs and I’m getting brilliant care with the NHS so I’m not complaining! I generally think its better not work re health and recovery but I really want this job! Its part of me wanting to get on with my life and live today how I plan to live tommorrow etc. in a strage way, I think it will do me good. Sure you’ll find me rather odd at times!

Take care, night night X

Not a chance, an insparation more like. We seem to have a similar outlook on this thing, its nice to have someone to chat to… who just knows…

You may well be at your interview now, so I hope it has gone very well, and has a favourable outcome for you. Let me know how you get on.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with BCN to get new prosthesis fitted, its been 8 weeks now since mast and Im fed up with wearing the softie, as it rides up all of the time as there is no weight to it, and I end up looking lopsided so im looking forward to it.

Hey, Georgibella, just read a thread on ‘undergoing chemo - Manuka Honey’ might be of interest to you.

Hi Ness

Hope you are well and had a good day? I have…I got offered that job I wanted! Perserverance paid off then. Subject to med clearance…EEEK! Should be okay. They know about my breast cancer and I told my BCN and GP what I was up tto and they were both supportive. So I should be back at work soon. I’m REALLY EXCITED! Spend most of the night recounting the meeting to parents etc. Going out to celebrate tomorrow night. Mum’s having the girls so get a night off too.

I think you and I seem to have a similar outlook. I get the impression you just get on with things, are upfront, honest, caring and like to help folks. What months your birthday? Random question I know. Mine’s in Jan. Bet you can’t believe how far you’ve come now in your treatment. April must seem so far back but now end of chemo and 8 weeks on from mast. Did they take all your lymps too? Were many of them affected? What’s your recovery been like? Hey ho - 20 questions!

I’ll have a peek at the Manuka Honey thread. Meanwhile, hope goes well with the BCN tomorrow - I have all these joys to come!

Catch you tomorrow

Hey, fantastic news, are you allowed to give away on here what it is??? Congratulations, it will give you something else to focus on rather than BC. Have a great night out to celebrate, you will even get a lay in if youre mums got the kids.

I see myself as all of the things you describe so Im happy that after speaking for such a short amount of time that I have come accros as my genuine self. My birthday is in March, I was diagnosed a couple of weeks after my 36th birthday. Cant believe all that has happened this year (my husband’s dad died earlier in the year, a couple of months after I was diagnosed). Its hard to explain but sometimes it feels like im on the outside looking in (that probably doesnt make any sense at all!) Yes it does seem a long time since dx and have been through alot (the same as you and everyone else on here) I think the worst bit was losing my hair, chemo wasnt too bad and mast did not worry me at all, as I was always very clear that I wanted recon, even though having it done at the same time wasnt an option for me due to needing rads after. I had full node clearnace 6 out of 21 were affected. I have just recvd my latest copy of onc report sent to my doctors and it advised that although 6 were involved, 4 of those were microscopic cells (so from my own deduction I conclude that this must be better LOL)

The recovery has been ok, for the first 3-4 weeks I was quite upset as I had restricted movement in my arm, and I was doing the exercises regularly but with no change, I really thought that this was something that was going to stay with me for life, but then movement just started getting easier, now I would say I have about 95% of the movement that I had before back. The scar is not a pretty site and not flat as my surgeon has done some prep work for when I have my recon and folded some skin flap inside (im sure there must be a more technical term for this, but thats basically what he has done) so Im not too bothered that its a bit uneven at the moment, its the end result that im interested in and I think that is what makes me strong when I look down at my chest. My recon, I hope, will be in Aug next year, he would have done it in about June time but I have booked a holiday for end of July we both agreed that it was best to wait until after I came home to start the recon - but I am counting down the months, 2 have gone by already.

Think I have waffled on plenty for now.

Hi girls!! I am here too - in the forum from time to time but as Jo said I sometimes find it is a bit disdressing to read horribel stories too so i try not to spend too much time on here. But on the other hand there are many useful information and friendly ladies here!! So i guess just that to keep things in mederation is the best.

Firstly congratuations on the job offer - Georgibella !! Well done.

It is nice to read your guys chat here so i decide to jump in!! Hope this is ok.

I am on my 2nd Kimo and this week I am trying to work from home. Working keeps me sane in many ways…

How are you two doing ? Any nice plan for the weekend?

take care xxx

Avonlea! Good to see you here. Hi Ness.

Hope you both had a good day?

I know, I know about the scary stuff. I even cried just a few minutes at one thread (think I’m having a slightly sad day today, must be after the high of yesterday!). But its great to be able to come on and pick up with you guys.

I’ll let you all know about the new job when we catch up on Wednesday - hopefully I’ll have med clearance by then too. I spoke to the BCN today and she was pleased for me and very encouraging. I was worried the ? on my liver would get in the way but we talked that it was about here and now and not what we don’t know. We’ll leave the unknown stuff until we do know! I think I have the best BCN ever. She is very good. I like my onc too. She’s very well rated by me and the other ladies that see her.

I think its great news that only 6 of Ness’ lymphs were affected and 4 micro only. I’d be pleased if mine came out something like that. Have you had surgery Avonlea?

How did the prosthesis fitting go? Hope your work goes well Avonlea. Are you not signed off sick then?

I’m going to go and get ready to go out now - and yep, maybe I’m on for a promise!
Catch you later

Avonlea, good to hear from you, pleased you felt comfortable to chip in with us.

Hi Georgibella, got a new temporary prosthesis as I have opted for a stick on one which they had no stock of at the hospital, BCN is ordering me one should be here next week, she has lent me just a normal one for now so that I look better. The softie was ok, but im quite big busted for my frame so my softie, which had no weight to it at all kept riding up and my real one was left dangling lower and I always felt a bit conscious of it (after a few drinks I tended not to care much). It feels really heavy after the softie, I have weighed it (1 1/2lbs, although according to my surgeon the one he took off weighed more then that LOL).

Got chatting to BCN about how grumpy I have become since being put chemically into the ‘change’ she has suggested that I go and see my GP to see whats on offer. Im not sure tho, dont wanna start pumping extra drugs into me to help with the side effects of another (seems a bit daft saying that after all the various drugs I have taken over the past 6 months) but then again if something else stops me from snapping at the kids and gives me more patients then maybe its worth it for a few months. I just dont know…any comments/views on this matter???

Avonlea you must be feeling better still if you are working again, hope it continues.

Georgibella, let us know all the gos on your night out (its 11.20 now so I bet you are in full swing!)

i have nothing much planned for the weekend, only kids swim lessons tomorrow and then kids party on sunday, our weekends always become busy even when we dont seem to have much on. I am waiting for British Gas to come out to us tomorrow (should have been here today, but thats a boring story, made me feel good on the phone letting off steam at their incompetence tho!) to fix our boiler, we have no hot water or heating and its freezing in here. The two kittens we got last week are driving me mad, but good fun, they have found their feet and are charging around the house at 100 mph!)

Speak soon to both. xxxx

PS. ment to ask Georgibella, are they going to investigate the ? liver spot soon???

Sorry not to have been back on since Fri. I’ve been keeping a low profile as i got a bit down - which I don’t usually.

My night out! Oooh. Well. I got all sentimental and kept filling up across the table in a not too inconspicuous spot in a local pub/restaurant that we infrequently frequent. Not embarrassing at all…or alluring I have to say! After the 6th time or so we decided to call it a do and come home…guess I’ll have to take 2 in a couple of weeks or so. I then spent the weekend suffering with terrible anxiety (I thought I’d got past that) and being hijacked by family members who wanted feeding and entertaining which I did happily as it was a great distraction.

I also decided to make some dietary changes and spent some gift vouchers (intended as part payment for a TV) on a bread maker (have you seen what goes in a commercial loaf?), juicer, Britta filter kettle and water fountain. I also decided to go organic and change my household products.

So on top of giving my husband a soggy and droopy night out I also fleeced him the next day. Good job he loves me eh? It’s amazing what a girl can get away with.

My BCN came to day. Didn’t really learn much more than I already knew but it’s always good to talk. She made me feel more relaxed about the threat of a secondary. I have an MRI scan on Wed. I just can’t help thinking the shadows on my CT are more to do with too much alcohol in my young and carefree days – hic hic. I even told the onc I was sure i didn;t have spread. I’m surprised she didn’t ask me if I wanted to sit in her chair but she’s far too nice for that. Look at me. No chat since Friday and now I have the verbal runs.

How are you anyway? How did your weekend go? personally I’d happily take some conventional med to help with mood etc. After having my eldest I had really bad anxiety and after suffering for months gave in and was prescribed sertraline which I took for a few months and it changed my world. I started taking it again this year when my anxiety kicked back in this summer. I tend not to get anxious now but when I do I think how bad would I be otherwise?! I also have hypnotherapy which helps me deal with it. But I won’t give up those tabs now until I’m happy and singing from them roof tops. I see it as a physical/chemical imbalance which can be rebalanced through some extra help. You could also try complimentary therapies such as hypnotherapy - I get mine at the local hospice. or there are alternative meds but I beleive you have to be really careful that they don’t stop your conventional medicine working. The BCN today told me they’ve just found out one supplement - can;t remember its name, black claw or something - actually stops tamoxifen from working. Suppose like john wort stops the pill and so on.

I’ll stop going on for now! If I don’t hear from you before, I’ll catch up with you on Wednesday?


Good to catch up with you Wed. Hope you are all okay?

Hi girls, off to radio therepy, hope all is well with all, catch up soon.
N. x

how girls nice chat on wedns- hope you have a good weekend!!! xxx

Hi all, just wanted to let you know how my first week on rads went… all ok, the treatment itself is ok, im in and out in 10 mins and have had no major hold ups yet. Only 2 weeks to go now. Just one little niggle which is a pain in my neck which is leading into my shoulder and down my arm, mentioned it to rads team who were not concerned. Also just wanted to say that I went to see my BCN the other day and we have not got any complimentary therepy options in my area, as wanted to check out the hypnotherepy and cds etc which we discussed on Wed. She is going to see what the local hospice has to offer and get back to me. Also had word that my prosthesis has arrived so will go and collect it next week. Have also learned that there is a recon talk in my hospital (by my surgeon) that I have asked to be added to the list for. The only problem is that its on the same day as my ovary removal so BCN is going to ring the ward and see if someone can take me or wheel me, if thats whats needed to the lecture.

Going out tonight with my mates, first time in town since BC and first time out with a very short hair cut. Spent loads of money on a lovely new outfit to compensate tho!!!

Speak soon

Hi Ness

Glad to see you are doing well with rads. Hope you had lots fun last night? I went to London yesterday to hunt for a better wig. There are so many people shopping!! Gosh!! It is nice to go out and do something rather than staying in all the time for sure!!

Good luck with the complimentary therapy and recon ! When is your op for ovary removal?

take care


Ness - Good to hear first week on rads hasn’t been too bad. Let me know how it goes week to week? Have you mentioned the shoulder/arm pain to BCN? Its good they are not concerned but its nice to get an explanation too? Let us know how your night out went. Hope it was good fun and not a sorry soggy one like my last attempt!

How about your weekend, Avonlea?

The hypnotherapy I have is at the local hospice. The hypnotheapist gave me the CD within about 10 minutes of our introductory meeting. If you want to check out the website and see what advice is on there it is vitalia-health

I’ve had an odd weekend. Ended up in hospital on Friday night/Sat morn due to feeling unwell/high temp. Bloods everything etc okay so came home Sat morn. They think likely that I have had a virus. On mend now. Drama over with! Bloods were good though. Better than before my last chemo. Maybe its my juicing?!

Catch you soon, Lea

Lea- sorry you had to run to hospital this weekend- hope you are feeling better now:)

thanks for the hypnotherapy site.

My weekend was busy- try to clean/see friends/shopping too much as next week will have kimo no3. Ended laid down this afternoon as very tired. But glad i got much things done and was really nice to be out and about!!!

What juice you are using?

I have been drinking lots hot water- it said to stop flus , also chicken soup…it is winter now guess warm stuffs are good…

I am trying Manuka honey since last Monday- did not feel the difference yet - will see how my blood like on Tues and let you know.

speak soon