Bowen I hope this ends up as a new topic. Having brain ache today!

I had some Bowen therapy today. Very odd, but it’s supposed to help the body heal itself. I went to try to ease my still distended abdomen, which continues to baffle medical science!
I’ ll let you know if it works!

I’m also starting a 6 week trial course at THe Haven, called Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction. (My husband says I’ve gone over to the Dark side with these alternative therapies!!!)

x Helen

I’ve had Bowen a couple of years ago now. It helped my Sciatica at the time, the improvement might have continued if I’d kept up with it. I found it very relaxing anyway, which is the case of most of the comp therapies.

Did you have Bowen at the Haven - I didn’t see it there. I’ve only got three haven sessions left now :-(. I’m going to miss it.

I’ve had it too It was magic! First time resolved the problem, second time (different problem) massively helped. I definitely recommend this therapy for motor problems.