Bra fitting following surgery

just been to our Debenhams store,to see if I could have a fitting and a new bra…to find out the they don’t have such a service,don’t do mastectomy bras,and no one is trained up in bra fitting etc…apparently it is a decision from head office…Have popped a message on their FB page,would like to know why not…Rant over

Hello Jillybee


Annoying, but have you tried M&S? They have quite a good range (and some quite pretty ones too) and their fitters are very helpful. M&S also give a refund of the VAT which makes them quite affordable. Worth a try - good luck.

I would love to know how they respond. At my local Debenhams in S W London they didn’t stock any mastectomy bras but did show me the online catalogue which has quite a few and said they could order them for me to collect a couple of days later. They also offered a measuring service.  They had loads of advertising dotted around re their contributions to breast cancer charities and they were selling pink bracelets so it is really astonishing that they don’t actually stock any for people to come in off the street and buy.   Their  fitting service is obviously pretty patchy.  John Lewis had virtually no stock at all last time I was in there. It is really frustrating and depressing. Stores that do have stock hide them away like there is something shameful about them.

Feel very strongly about this. I remember pre surgery going into John Lewis and feeling like a freak because they only had 2 mastectomy bras hidden away. Thank goodness for M and S who do a very good section in their larger stores. Also Stella MCCartney has designed a range of mastectomy bras in honour of her mother Linda at very reasonable prices with money going to BC charities. ??

Hi ladies. How sad is that ? Like we dont have enough to deal with that major high street stores like Debenhams & M & S & John lewis dont ALL offer a mastectomy bra fitting service by empathatic trained staff. How you supposed to get online!!! Maybe we should start a petition. And they need to look at customer demand instead of moaning about a loss of profits. If they cant supply … not like theres not many people needing it!!!
still in hospital. See what tomorro brings.
Love Bloss xxx

I still haven’t had a bra fitting since my bilateral mastectomy in Oct 15 so thanks for the positive feedback regarding John Lewis in Reading. Reading is about an hour away from me but I’ll make the trip if I can get fitted well. 

I am quite happy in my genie soft bras though and have no idea what my foobs (implants) will look like in a proper bra. 

I’ve been putting off getting a bra fitting as I’m not really sure what I really need and where to go. I know i can’t wear an underwire but what else do I have to take into consideration? My foobs are flatter than natural breasts but they appear wider, even know I know their not.


Pre-mastectomy I got fitted at Rigby and Peller and bought my bras from them, I’m not sure they cater for mastectomy/reconstructed foobs.


Does anyone have any good experiences with Marks and Spencer? 

Cate what operation did you have?

I had bilateral mx with DIEP recon.
Mine are a bit wide and flat too! (Will all change in Summer after revision surgery!)

Marks and Spencer in Camberley just seem to have got a huge new range of post surgery (non wired) bras in. (They did not have these whenI went in 2 mths ago!)

The older lady there was amazing with the post mx lady that I overheard her fitting in the cubicle next to me… I grabbed her when they finished. She was so sweet and knowledgable.
I bought 2 lovely soft bras that miraculously don’t dig into the chubby bit of flesh that is still sensitive under my arms.

I’d advise calling them before setting off to ask when the expert is there just in case…

I would recommend Macom’s front fastening surgical bra for wearing after DIEP flap reconstruction especially if you have a larger cup size. I couldn’t find any front fastening bras suitable for a G cup anywhere else, including NJ. The bra supported both my droopy healthy breast and the smaller and higher reconstruction! I’m still using it post symmetry surgery. It’s expensive but I wasted more on a mascectomy bra which the surgeon told me not to use because it left an indent across the front of the flap and back fastening sports bras which pressed down on the reconstruction too much. I also tried a breast feeding bra but that didn’t give enough support. Hope that’s helpful to someone X.

OK… so I just remeasured myself and if my tape measure is to be believed I am now 38H!!!
(He was meant to be reducing them initially to a D!!
With planned weightloss the target is 36C.)

So maybe that explains the problem with Macom!!! (I had pressing in on the swell of my bosoms)

Bloody H cups???
They are very wide now… I think that is why it is hard to get them into any shaped bras.

He said he can liposcult them come revision surgery, yeah fine, but I just wish he had not made them such monsters in the first place. He KNEW I did not like my E cups (make life difficult… I horseride and snowboard… also made it hard to find clothes that fit.

I saw the first post surgery full length photo of me yesterday … boobs look ridiculous.
(Maybe London plastic surgeons are just too used to doing boob jobs for WAGs and porn stars… versus 50 year old mums from Hampshire???)

Isobelle I think you will be fine with Macom, give them a go. Extremely good design.

Yep, lots of change for sure.

I feel bad for moaning about them in a way, after all, it is an amazing op… but it is also a HUGE operation and my recovery has been fraught with complications, so I am just a bit cranky/disappointed right now after going through all that that I end up with gargantuan boobs that he knew I specifically did not want.

I have my fingers crossed that come time for revision surgery he can get them down to a more practical size… here’s hoping!

Thanks xx

OMG … just bought a Miss Mary of Sweden wireless bra (only went up to 38F, but it fits BEAUTIFULLY! Ridiculously comfortable, soft wide straps, stretchy soft cotton but supports me really well, and quite pretty.
What a relief.
Model number is 2105. Lots of colours.

For immediate post op you would benefit from a front loader though …they do asoft cup front fastening version too 2158

100% recommend them for larger cup sizes!

(I cannot believe I am waxing lyrical about Miss Mary of Sweden! No more La Perla for me for a while… can we ever wear wired bras again??)

Yes, at first it is pretty hard getting a good fit.

I have a Royce one and wore it quite a lot in the beginning as the fabric was so stretchy, fit was good.
But it did not give a lot of support for my noobs.

Good luck ladies xx

Can anyone help me …After full mastectomy an lymph nodes removal …l have great difficulty in finding a bra to fit properly. l am size H 42 cup . But this causes my good breast to look lopsided. L have no idea where to look for bra fitting l need a specialist … I went into House of Fraser an was told there was such a service but it turned out to be friend who really didn’t know  anything about sizing for my problem  …Really exasperated .so please if anyone can help maybe having the same problem would love to hear from you …Aileen .

Worth reading through the whol thread, Lizzie… lots ofadvice on here.

Marks & Spencers and Debenhams have trained bra specialists.
I strongly advise phoning first though to make an appt to endure one of the more experienced fitters attends to you.
Do you have a ‘chicken fillet’ prosthesis yet? If so take it with you.

Are you gont to have reconstructive surgery at some point?