Braca 2 link ..results finally in!

I was tested for a genetic link some 18 months ago, after a lot of chasing people up for the results I was told that I had an unknown variant, not likely to be cancer causing in the Braca 2 strand.
My cousin who had exactly the same ca as me albeit some years later (I was 46 years old she was 50) decided to still go ahead with further testing of her bloods (although the councillor did tell her that it was very unlikely that it would come back with anything). Anyway last week she was told that she in fact does have the mutation exon 11. Now they are looking at my bloods again to see if I too have it.
Does anyone have any previous experience of this happening and if so what was the advice was given with regard to further ops?

Im not in exactly the same situation but i was tested for brca1&2 as part of a research trial in 2006 results came back 12 months later that no mutation was found i then got another cancer in 2009 and was tested this time through the scottish labs and came back and 4 months later the test came back positive for brca2. It was quite a shock to me and also my genetic nurse as we werent expecting it after the previous test this was really just to confirm it wasnt genetic rather than prove that it was.

Risk and options were discussed such as bilateral mx… Which i am considering. But had a hysterectomy and removal of tubes and ovaries (TAH&BSO) and also a recurrence of bc to my chest wall.

As i still have both breasts i get an annual mammo and annual mri alternating 6 monthly.