Brachytherapy anyone?

Hi ladies,
I have gone throught surgery, chemo, and I am now midway through rads and taking Tamoxifen. My onchologist told me yesterday she would like me to go through brachytherapy too, which involves applying the radiation not from outside the breast but from inside, implating for a short period of time a radiated metal where the tumor was.
Has anyone gone through it? I’ve heard of people going through all sorts of different treatments and drugs, but nobody going through this. I am utterly scared as I thought they’d finally leave my poor boob alone and was so happy to be away from needles since the end of chemo.
She said I can either have it done or have 5 extra sessions of a different radiotherapy instead. It is up to me and she says some people refuse, but that I am too young (30), and she wouldn’t be completely at ease with herself if I didn’t go through it, so I kinda have no choice if I want to be at ease too.
When I was given this breast cancer manual I reall all of it EXCEPT the brachytherapy bit, as the graphics seemed disgusting. Now I had to go back to it, and didn’t like it one bit. The fact that nobody I know has had it doesn’t help. I live in Spain so procedures might be different, but still nobody I know here is having it, so I thought I’d ask here so I can maybe get to hear it’s not as bad as it sounds.
Carmy xxx

Hi Carmy,
I know this procedure has been used quite succesfully in the treatment of Prostate cancer, my father had it both sucessfully & with little side effects. I had read at the time (5yrs ago) that because of its success in Prostate patients that they were looking to trial it in Breast cancer patients so am assuming that this must now of happened.
At the time of my fathers treatment only 3 hospitals in the Uk offered this procedure although & again it is my understanding that the rest of Europe & America had been using it with some fantastic results for quite a while so i am hoping that by now it is the same & that trials with Bc have now produced the same good results & maybe the Uk is again a lil behind the rest of the World as Brachytherapy for the Prostate is now offered in many of our hospitals & not just the 3 that it was 5 yrs ago.

I am sorry that i cant be more helpful in relation to the BC query but just wanted to make you aware of what an excellent tool it has been in other cancers.


Hi carmy,

I have put for you below the link to the area of this website where bracytherapy is discussed along with general radiotherapy, I hope you find it helpful.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Jo, thanks a lot for the link! I have found it helpful and has made me see it is not as obscure a technique as I was thinking.

Sarah, thanks so much for your reply. I am very glad it was helpful for your dad. Aah, that explains the lack of cases a bit, I didn’t know it was a new technique for BC, so that explains why it is not that common to hear of women going through it yet. Well, I will have to let you know how it goes, then. Phew.

Hi Carmy
Sorry I can’t help but just wanted to say i’m so pleased you posted. You used to post on the March chemo thread and then you disappeared which was worrying. Glad your treatment is progressing well, I hope everything went to plan without too much stress.
Take care
Love Lydia x

Carmy, how lovely to hear from you again! Like Lydia, I have thought about you often and wondered how your treatment had been going, so its great to hear that you have come out the other end of chemo and are midway through rads, like many of the Marvellous Marches!
Take care and all the very best with the rest of your treatment
Joan xxx

Hiii Lydia and Joan, it is good to hear from you too. I hope you have also come to the other end of chemo successfully! :smiley: I totally loved it in the Marvellous Marchies thread when I hanged around there, but then for a number of reasons I always thought about getting back but ended up not doing it. The chemo was worse than I thought, after the 1st chemo I had to spend 5 days in hospital isolated as I got fever and they couldn’t put it down. The other sessions were better, but still I spent the first week each time without being able to get on the computer, to read, hardly speak… One day I finally came back on the boards and a post from another user really made me feel sorry we are all having to go through this, so I thought I’d avoid coming in here for a while to avoid upsetting myself. All of this with the changes in the site in the middle. But now the site seems sorted and we are done with the worst! Would love to get to know how you are al doing, so I’ll look around for the thread, if it is still active.
Sending many many hugs your way!!
Carmy xxx