Brain and now maybe Bone secondary

Hi girls, I havnt chatted on this new site yet, it has been quite a while! I have been quite well and I think my brain is recovering? even though helping my 9 year old with her home work is very hard for me (trying to pay my 14, 16 or 18 year old sons to help her!?)

I saw my oncologist this morning, was anxious about the last blood test as my markers had risen 6 weeks ago. any way the result were good and the markers are good, only 23!!

He wants me to have a bone marrow examination tomorrow as my yellow/white???(forget) have been too low for too long. I have had ct scans over christmas because of pains but they were all ok. Now I am thinking about bone cancer!

Would really like to hear from anyone who has it and how they cope with it.

Thank you,

Hope the weather is getting better for you and the sun is shining (inside and out)

Love suzy (who is now 43 not 39!)

Hi suzy,

It’s nice to see you posting again - I remember what a tough time you had with those brain tumours. I don’t know if it is the practice in Australia/NZ (sorry cant remember where you live) but the bone marrow test is to determine whether there is some underlying reason why your white cell count isn’t improving. Have they done any scans? I remember someone on bcpals who had problems with her white cell count over a long period of time. They thought herceptin might have been responsible but as far as I know the bone marrow tests didnt show anything.

I have had bone mets since 2002 but have never had a bone marrow test.


Hi Suzy
I don’t think I’ve seen you post before. I don’t have secondaries but happened to notice your post about problems with your white blood count. I also think that Dawn may have been referring to me as the person who had a low white count for a long time whilst on Herceptin and now even though Herceptin is finished (finished in Nov 08) it’s still low. I did have a bone marrow biopsy but the only thing that showed was something called dysplasia - something to do with damage from the chemotherapy. Anyway they’re keeping an eye on me and as well as seeing the oncologist every 3 months I also see a haematologist about my blood just to keep an eye on it .It also means that if I get an infection and temperature, I have to get to hospital for intravenous antibiotics.

If you have any more questions, I will be happy to try and help.
Best wishes
Ruby x