Brain mets Q- are results immediate if mets found on scan?

Just a quick Q ladies. I’m having a brain scan this wk amongst other scans. I’ve read that some ladies get immediate feedback if mets are found in the brain + I’m just wondering if this is standard practice? I’m being scanned at clatterbridge + remember one of our ladies getting her results straight away when having scans there. Just trying to prepare myself + my family.
Thanks in advance
tina xx

Hi tina,

I had an mri brain scan a while back and was asked to wait in the hospital for the results. It took a little while because there was a big question mark over what they were seeing and had to get another opinion. Then when I was called in the onc said to me “You never had bone mets in your skull did you?” errrr yes!! Because the bone mets there healed very quickly once I was on bisphos/herceptin and had left scars and that was what the cons. were seeing. My file is huge and there was no reference to the mets there unless someone searched back some years! I have never been so relieved in my life.

I think they must generally give results quickly because of the need to start treatment fast. Why don’t you give your onc/secretary a call and ask them tomorrow. I really hope tina that all is well for you.


tina try not to worry in advance it may be nothing but i belive they tell you straight away owing to getting treatment started ive had whole body cts and was not told anything so i look at it if they dont tell you at ct unit its gd news best of luck try not to worry easy for me to say i know big hug laurax

Hi gingerbud
I am pretty sure that they always tell you straight away. I was told immediately. If I were you I would make sure you are with someone you can lean on if need be. I went with my daughter, thinking it would be nothing. Rather regretted that as I felt so worried about her
The reason they tell you immediately is that if they find brain mets they will want to start you on steroids before you leave the hospital to make sure that you don’t have any fits. I was put on 16mg of dexamethasone and kept in overnight so I could see the consultant before I went home. The consultant actually decided to reduce the steroids to 8mg which were reduced to zero after my treatment (I never had a fit but the steroids did stop the headaches and nausea until gamma knife zapped the little buggers !!)
Having said all that I will keep my fingers crossed that it’s not brain mets, maybe it’s just a weird side effect of the eribulin. They don’t know that much about it’s SE’s cos it’s so new
Big hug

Thanks for all the words of wisdom ladies, honestly I don’t know what I’d do without you all. I just want to be prepared for immediate bad news, if that’s how it works. Also, I wouldn’t want to go home thinking all ok, only to get bad news later. It’s a minefield isn’t it.
I don’t feel like I have brain mets, but I’ve been stage 4 for quite a long time + have lots of mets elsewhere, so I guess it’s fairly likely there may be some nasties upstairs too. But I’m hoping + praying for good news + a CLEAR scan. Will keep u posted.
Thanks again
tina xxx

Hi Gingerbud,

I’ve follow your story and you’ve have a bl@@dy rotten time to put it mildly. There are lots of us rooting for you and its about time you had some good news for a change.

I hope you get brillant news and have something to celebrate. Here to you - take good care of your self.

Chris xxx

Hey gingerbud, how are you getting on with your little head nasties? I think you were going to start wbr? I was VERY lucky - my scan showed just one legion, near the top of the brain. I had surgery to remove it on tuesday and was home by Wednesday. They’ll keep a v close eye on my head for the next 6 months but as far as they’re concerned it’s gone. I’m off the steroids but will prob be on keppra permanently. They also said the chance of a brain recurrence isn’t as high as you might think - about 20pc. Really hope you’re doing ok? X

I had a brain scan for mets 3 weeks ago and the radiographer didnt say anything except that oncologist would have the result by the time of my next appt the week after. Needless to say they were’nt there, so having to wait till my next appt for the results. I was scanned in Bristol and dont know if different places have different policies.
I dont think I have brain mets, and always assumed that you would get pain with brain mets, but I asked my Macmillan nurse about this and she said not everyone gets pain.
Love Jane

Before I had a seizure, I’d had no symptoms whatsoever. I too always assumed you’d get headaches but I def didn’t. Hope you get a good result, might it be the case that they would have been in touch by now if anything had shown up? I hope so. Good luck x