Brain radiotherapy, how long before you feel normal again

Hi all, I have brain mets now as well. I had 10 radiotherapy sessions about 5 weeks ago. My head still feels funny sometimes and Im just wondering if anyone has had the same treatment and how long it takes before you feel normal again ?

Hi katiebelu

In my experience I finished 10 sessions of WBR in early Jan and probably felt ok by the end of Feb early March. I did have extreme tiredness which lasted until around May.

Take care, Gemini.

I had 5 sessions of WBR in February 2008, but couldn’t really differentiate between the effects of the oedema from the 3 original brain mets, the effects of the WBR and the effects of the big doses of steroids. I was very weak for a while and could hardly even stand up. However it all sorted itself out bit by bit, and I pretty much recovered over the next 6 months or so, with the only real long term damage being to my hair, which is still fuzzy & brittle. But the main good news is that I’m still here!
I hope that you start to feel better soon, but don’t worry, it shouldn’t be long before you are back to your old self.