Brainwave, I think, for lymphedema sleeve!!!

Hi Ladies.
I’m a bit excited about this, but not sure if it would work.
We all agree that the compression sleeves are hideous! I’m eagerly waiting for my posh one coming from Lymphediva. Meanwhile I read a post that someone had used fabric paint on thier sleeve.
Well I was thinking what about henna? What about the beautiful mendi patterns they use at weddings etc. Now I’m thinking put the the sleeve on get the pattern done wait like you do for henna to take. I can’t imagine it would damage the sleeve as it is a natural dye and the pattern could be repeated as it faded with washing.
I have an old one I’m going to try it on. I work at a school with ladies very proficient in the Art so watch this space.
Please let me know if you’ve tried it.
Happy days


sounds like a good idea, though i wear my sleeves every day and change every day so would have to have a few done. Another thing i thought of was buying tubi stocking and having something done on that and wearing over the compression garment, obviously a tubistocking that didn’t have compression.

I recently saw a friends Lymphediva garment and it was very impressive and colourful.

r x

not sure if henna will work as the colour comes stronger through the skin with time ,but worth a try ,im the lady who puts fabric paint on hers and so far all good .