bras and prrosthesis

Hi new to this Im 3 years clear, had mastectemy. just wondering if anyone knows of any good websites or shops that do bras etc. i didnt know they were so expensive. thank you vikki01 x

Nicola Jane based in Chichester do a good range of mx bras
with varying prices - they have a web site and do mail order
the ladies there are very helpful. Do hope you find what you
are looking for. M & S also do a range these are very reasonably priced andyou can order them on line - also some stores stock them

Happy purchasing


Nicola jane is my recommendation - I bought online from them, and the prices were ok, and the service was fabulous. I got ‘properly’ measured in M&S… and sold a normal bra that apparently would still work well with a prosthesis, well, it was rubbish, and baggy. So, I knocked the size down from a 40 (which I had never been and thought was odd, or poss. post surgery swelling) down to a 38, left cup size the same, ordered from nicola jane and haven’t looked back. I even got a tankini from there in their sale… swimming costumes ARE horrendously priced.

I shall def. shop with them again.

Sophie xx

Another vote for nicola jane. Measured at the shop - very helpful, and now feel confident to order online or by phone. But interestingly this fitting confirmed what a good job the fitter (for the first bra) at our local john lewis had done, although they had only 2 styles. Bought a swimsuit as well. K x.

have a look in Asda. Someone in my support group says they are just as well fitting (although you have to find your own size) and comfy as those from the specialist companies. About £6 I think.

HI there, breast cancer care do a good leaflet called Confident Choice -I think- and it lists loads of bra and swimwear providers, some I’d never found before and one with really nice swimsuits. You can download it from the website I think, cheers Nicola

debenhams look on there web site they can also get you measured to get the right one

m&s are the same as above
asda well yes and no i just got post op one and it wont even go around my back and that was 1 size bigger than i was before op

Hi, After my mx, I searched for appropriate bras and found a company via eBay and Amazon websites. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the company but I bought a dozen bras that were exactly the same as the ones sold at M&S for half the price. The bras are double pockets, which means it can be used unilaterally or bilaterally.

Wish you all the best and have a nice evening

Wish you could remember the name…
It sounds too good to be true!
Mx bras are just too expensive so a cheaper supplier would be great to find.

Thanks Welsh girlx


I found the Asda bras great for the first 6 weeks post surgery for wearing with my softie but they didn’t have enough support for the real prosthesis which was heavier.

Woman Zone are good and Betty and Belle. Both in the north west. I would definitely recommend getting measured and fitted for the first time at a specialist shop, after that you can ring them up if you need anything or look online.

I was recommended the Triumph Doreen Luxury bra by Woman Zone then they pocketed it. A few months later I rung Woman Zone and they said it wasn’t available in black any more. I put the details in google and a supplier on ebay came up and I got two black bras quite cheap. I then sent them off to Eloise to be pocketed.

There is a lot of faffing around but it is worth it in the end to feel comfortable with your underwear and breast form.

Maude xx