bras and washing!

Hi, I’m new to this. I had a mastectomy 5 weeks ago following a diagnosis of LCIS. Everything is going well. My doctor told me not to submerge my reconstructed breast and back scar in the bath, or hot tub, but didn’t say when I could! I’d love to be able to soak in a hot bubble bath. Do you know when it will be safe to submerge? also, I’m supposed to wear a maximum support sports bra day and night for 6 weeks, but then what? My plastic surgeon said under-wire bras can dig into the implant, but surely I can wear underwire bras eventually? These are little issues, I know, there’s so much bigger stuff to be concerned about, but I thought I’d start small. I look forward to hearing from you. x


I assume you have had the lat dorsi recon? I had it in October last year. I was allowed to have a wallow in a bath when my my wounds had healed, up until then I just had a shallow bath or a shower. Unfortunately my nipple recon failed so I couldn’t swim or properly wallow until it fell off!!! Wasn’t told wear anything particular. Advised to wait for a while with wired bras but as soon as I felt comfortable to wear them if I wanted. M&s do do a good selection of non wired bras now though.
Em x

thanks fairyem, sorry to hear your nipple failed, I’m hoping to get one soon!