I am so sick of trying on bras! Spent 4 hours yesterday in that blistering heat, trying on ‘normal’ bras. The reason for this was to get a bra with clear straps in my size, then the hosp are going to sew in a pocket. Never used this service before as always bought mast bras online, Nicola Jane etc and never had any probs other than choice being a bit limiting. There is vitually no choice of clear strap types for my size, 42C (a gap in the market me thinks).

So after 4 hrs in several shops, I had a brainwave. Get a normal bra in my size, buy the clear straps seperately, sew the loops for the straps to fit onto myself! Could have saved myself 4 hours of torture.

The bras are now with the hosp getting pockets sewn in, then I’ll do my bit and fingers crossed it works.

I’ll let you know how I get on.


I too am sick of bringing bags of bras home to try on and then returning them all because they do not fit. I’m afraid that even AMOENA do not make bras for freaks …

Morning Ladies, just wondering if you have tried Bravissimo? I only ever leave a shop with a bra that has been fitted by the fitter in the shop. Sorry if you have already been down that road.

Every shop I went in asked me if I had been measured recently. I said yes, I did it myself. They all laughed at this, shaking their heads saying I was not that size, 42C. How did they know?

Needless to say, none had my size and all tried to pursuade me to try a D or DD cup in the next size down. None of these fitted. When I finally found a 42C in a normal bra I tried it on, guess what? It fitted perfectly.

Why do these ladies seem to think all women don’t know how tomeasure themselves for a bra that fits?!


hi irene my bra shop will sew a pocket in any bra for an extra 1£ have u asked for the service. i prefer a pocket as i dont want the plastic on my skin i would sweat 2 much!! pammi

I too am fed up trying to find a bra. I am a 40DD I think. As has been said Amoena do not it seems cater for anyone over about a 38. I recently went to John Lewis to be measured and had a terrible experience. The ladies were very helpful but said I was a 36F! On the strength of this I bought two bras. Both hideous. One of which was the Doreen bra. They charged £6 each one to put a pocket in. They took over two weeks to do this. When they arrived the pockets were too small for the prothesis. Also they were very very tight to wear. I took them back. They extended the pockets. I said they are very tight. Was told you are definitely that size. Anyway I persevered and wore the Doreen bra for a week. After one week one hook had pulled out completely and another was hanging by a thread. Last week I took it back and got my money back. I am now wearing Asda £6 bras and a size 40DD. They feel comfortable but unfortunately are very plain. There certainly seems to a gap in the market for larger ladies many of which get breast cancer - I cannot be the only one. They look at me like I am a freak in more ways than one. I went into M&S. Quietly asked for post surgery bras. Was told I could look at catalogue and they could order them. Again they do not do much in larger sizes. With so many women unfortunately getting BC why oh why arent they wising up that we want to look nice too and not at a horrendous price. Sorry for going on. Its all so frustrating and only adds to everything.

Hi All

You may find the BCC booklet 'a confident choice helpful to have a look at. It has a specific section on what style of bra’s to choose which might be particularly useful. If you would like a copy just go to the following link:-

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)

I have read this booklet. It is helpful to a point. But doesnt address the problem of us larger ladies being squeezed into smaller bras by shops/suppliers just to get a sale when they know they havent got anything in your size. Maybe breast cancer care can lobby on our behalf. I am lucky I am handy with a needle! but £6 to put in a pocket I call steep and then for it to take 2 weeks and be no good at the end of it. They obviously don’t try to fit a larger prothesis into it. on the theory one size fits all.

Just seen post re Bra’s
Just been to get a new bra today.Helpful lady who measured me( not easy cos reconstructed breast 10 years on shrinking + scar tissue.
she couldn’t have been more helpful, just kept passing them through the curtain for me to try. I bought 2 totally different makes and sizes.And they both fit. Also bought 2 chicken fillets to fill the holes!!!
Having wasted £??? over the years buying from stores/supermarkets, would advise small shop and quiet time for measuring fittig service. it really is worth it.

I just wish I felt comfortable enough wearing any bra, since my mx I’ve gone virtually bra less because of where I have a lumpy bit of skin on my side under arm pit, its so uncomfortable when I wear a bra.

Sometimes I wear a vest type top with a bra on the top of it to ease the comfort, but even so I still get rubbed and sore. I’m just glad I haven’t spent good money on a prothesis for a bra because by the time I’m comfortable hopefully I will have had recon by then.

And then me thinks will I be comfortable to wear a bra then???

Hello All

Bras have become a bad word in my life too mainly because I cant wear underwired bras any more due to a discomfort problem. I pretty much have managed to sort out my cup size difference issue by coming down a cup size and up two back sizes but even though this sounds like a really pathetic moan I am sick and tired of only being able to find bras in black, white and flesh (a term I use loosely because if my skin was that colour I would worry!!!). I walk though M&S in the hope they will do some of the funky colours without wiring and with pockets but alas no so after seeing their bra that they are selling on behalf of the target breast cancer fund was only supplied in underwired (it does have pockets) I flipped and sent an e mail yesterday…not received a reply yet. I will let you know if I get a result. Perhaps the only way is to flood these people with complaints!!!
S x

Good point custard, yes lets all bombard them with emails!

Well my bras came back from hosp today with pockets fitted. They have done a brill job on them. Went to try them on again and it was near impossible to get the falsy into 2 of the 3 bras, even though it fitted when I tried them on in shop.

Obviously I cannot return these to shop and the main reasons why they don’t fit properly are:

  1. the hem part of the sewing has reduced the available space, and
  2. they are a size too small anyway, must have picked up the wrong box, duuurrr!

They remaining one is lovely and fits really well. Got it from BHS. It is white, but very pretty, seems a shame to cut it up to add the clear straps!


Well I did actually get a reply from M&S Today. I have promptly sent them one back. My original e mail asked them to do their non wired bras in other colours rather than black white or flesh.
The reply that came back was that they only do post surgery bras in non wired as most women find this more comfortable. DOH!!!
I have just sent a very irate e mail back to the well meaning lady advising her to read my original e mail again!!!
Its got me blazing now this is a mission I do not intend to let go.
One of her comments was they had a 200 group of women who help with their designs. At this I pointed out their possible market is 45000 a year. Hope this sends them back to their drawing boards though I doubt it.
Sorry to hear only one of the bras was ok Irene.
I will keep you posted but I think we need to be more vocal about this one. Badly fitting bras can cause far more problems than discomfort especially for youladies with larger cup sizes.
Good grief all this hassle for a bit of colour in my knicker draw, perhaps I should get a hobby!!LOL
S x

hi All

just saw this thread and thought id add my 4 pennyworth…
I had a Mascetomy back in April and have finally been fitted with my ‘propper boob’ my BCN showed me a whole new range of post surgery bras in a very good range of design and colour one was black and white polker dot and one it a lovely bright floral design and as im quiet young and do not want ‘granny’ bras(sorry to any grannys outthere no offence ment)i was really pleased and guess who they were made by…yes youve guessed it M&s i though yipee at last some nice bras and was getting even more excited because they ranged from £14 upwards,even better i thought as im on a low income i though whooppee nice pretty cheap mascetomy bras…But then we looked at the sizes and yes you guessed again the biggest they did in the new range was a 38, NO GOOD TO ME ,IM A 42A.

The BCN even said that its redicoulas(sorry chemo brain affecting my spelling ha ha) that they dont do the new range in bigger sizes.And she said she was gonna ring them as its silly.

So im still searcing and think i might go down the route of putting pockets in my old bras.

Do these companys not realise that just because we have unfortunatly lost a boob and are over a size 38 that we still want to look and feel sexy…

Sorry rant over… feel better now got that of my lopsided chest.

take care all

Sally xx

Sorry i haven’t read the rest of the posts but have you looked at Eloise for large sized mastectomy bras. They do larger sizes and are really pretty. A little more expensive than M&S but worth the money.


I have been looking for a post surgery “pretty bra” in cream in 40DD. No luck. I have resorted to an M&S bra and will sew in my own pocket. If you have a sewing machine you can easily do it yourself. Its useful to get one done professionally first by say Nicola Jane to see how its done. They usually use a a simple zig zag stitch to put it in. I couldnt make a worse job than John Lewis did and charged £6 for it.

Hi all

It probably will not surprise you that it’s also a problem if you are ‘smaller’. I don’t bother looking at the styles first in M&S just sort through them all for size and then decide. Last time I went in there was only one in my size. But I was pleased 'cos now I have a black one to add to my white and beige ones!

love from Wizz

Hi smelltheroses.

My wife was diagnosed with IDC about a month ago and will have left modified radical mastectomy this Tuesday. (It is my first post here.)

What I want to ask is, have you been using Bravissimo post- mastectomy? My wife discovered Bravissimo about 3 years ago and they have been such an improvement for her after having ill-fitting ones from well-known departments stores for years.

She is disappointed that Bravissimo don’t do Mx bras as she thinks she will now have to go back to poor-fitting ones for the remaining breast.

Any experience will be valuable for her.


(I think this place is fantastic, by the way. How ever did people cope with this before the internet?)

Custard, I can see you are a gal that likes her colour, me too!

I bought a gorgeous red (normal) one off ebay with the intention of adding a pocket but the front bit was too low so that was a waste of money, took it to the charity shop.

We should all lobby the bra manufacturers, 45,000 new ladies per yr means there is a massive market out there!


I’m on a mission too! Just been on the net and sent a load of emails to several companys selling mastectomy bras, about large, and small sizes not fully catered for with colourfull or pretty designs!

Join me!