I am glad it is not just me that has problems getting bras. I am a small girl so have traveled down the path of trying to find bras that i could pockets sewn in, the expense of buying bras that just somehow donot fit quite right. I hate the fact that we all have limit choice regardless of size and we have to pay for it. I would just love to be able to have the choice to buy really pretty bras which i donot have to take a morgage out for. Oh well i supose i am still here to moan about it. Maybe we all should get togther a start up a pretty bra company…anyone a designer???

Hi there ladies

Well as yet not a peep from M&S in reply to my blasting about not getting the point of my first e mail, although on a brighter and completely unrelated point I wrote an e mail to Mr Kipling the same day…I blame it on the hormones or rather lack of them these days…about their Big French Fancy Birthday cakes. I was a bit disapointed and they have sent me £16.00 of vouchers. Well there goes the diet!!! Thats a lot of French Fancies!!!

Irene keep up the good work with the e mails, I intend to add Debenhams and La Senza to my list. La senza dont do any bras in non wired at all, I was kindly pointed in the direction of the sports bras!!!

S x

Got replies to all emails! Very predictable answers from most, i.e. they do do coloured bras in my size and heres the list. Still very little choice so a bit like custards reply from M&S. I agree about the price too, we have to pay far too much for these items.


Hi there

I too got my reply to my stinging e mail and at least she had the decency to apologise. She did point out that there is a couple of new bras on the post surgery page of the on line shopping. One is Fuscia and the other is black and white and both are quite pretty. They also have a brown flowery post surgery bra on special offer at £14.00.
I have ordered the fuscia and the brown flowery one before they run out of my size.
I would like to feel we have perhaps made a difference but somehow I feel we are spitting in the wind.
S x

I have never worn underwire bras (might as well wear whalebone corsets)and have always had problems getting non frumpy, or too lacy designs.I want plain ,smooth tee-shirt bras in flesh or black-figleaves was about the only one to sell them online(especially if you are a larger cup size)
In Norwich House of Fraser is really good,the assistant understands our needs and fits the bras really well.Had to put up with frump and remove the side boning on one of them but as I had to wear them all the time for 4 weeks it was worth it.Car

Woo Hoo!!!

My M&S Pink bra arrived today, its deep pink, got pretty lace on it and is not wired.
I am going to find some knickers to match. I cant believe how excited I am. The brown and cream one is really pretty too.
My underwear draw is no longer monochrome.
S x

Hi everyone

In the course of researching camis, etc, I’ve stumbled across a site called ‘lessbouncedotcom’.

Apologies if you all know about it already, but there’s a huge range of bras, including mastectomy ones, crop tops, support tank top, etc.

They mostly seem to be designed for sports/activities (hence the name) and naturally aren’t super glamorous (but there does seem to be quite a variety of colours on offer), but they do look comfortable!

Has anyone ever bought anything from this site? I’m seriously thinking about purchasing something and wondering whether a racer back design would be kinder to lymph nodes than regular bra straps…



Hi everyone,

I could write a book on this subject and have spent hours and hours on the net searching and buying bras, only to return most of them. Lack of pretty colours and poor fit/cut have all been issues. Also I’m a 32D and the specialist mastectomy bra companies have a very limited supply in this size.

M+S - I tried their first line of post surgery bras 1 to 2 yrs ago and they were rubbish. They were far too low cut and the pocket for my prosthesis was far too small. I have just had a look on line again and the Autograph fuschia bra and the Rio floral bra both look really nice. Custard - how have you found the pink/fuschia one with your prosthesis?

Bahons, I haven’t tried ‘less bounce’ but I will have a look now.

Happy bra hunting!

Rowena x

Hi Rowena

I dont have a prothesis, I had a WLE which lost about a cup and a half size so by going from a 34D to a 38C (By trial and error) have sorted the problem. My boobs are odd but unless I’m wearing something fitted I dont bother with a sliver(what they called my insert to match my boobs up). I wore the pink bra today from 5.30am and am still wearing it now 9.50pm and so far so good. The cups are quite full and the lace is quite high. The pockets are the full size of the cup. It was actually nicer in real life than I thought it would be.
Its a shame they dont stock them in store to avoid the sending back issue.
Hope this is some use to you.
S x

Hi Custard,
Thanks so much, that’s really helpful, I think I will order the pink bra on line. Thanks for bringing my attention to it - I gave up on M+S after my first disappointing experience and because they don’t have the ‘post surgery’ range in the shops I’d forgotten about them.
Rowena x

Hi Rowena

So glad I was of some use. Its my new mission to get onto all the big bra shops. My next target is La Senza. The only none wired bra they do is sports ones!!!
Hope you like it as much as I do. I wore the brown and cream one today. It has the same full cupped pockets and is just as comfortable.
Happy hunting.
Shonagh x

Have you looked at my new website? I got fed up bra shopping for different reasons and have just put together a website to help women who have sensative skin, especially those undergoing radiotherapy.
I am trying to help people solve problems.

Visit and see what you think. I actually made a section for larger sizes. I admit they are not glam yet, but I’m working on it!

I really would appreciate your oppinions

I’m supposed be called Nippon on this sight but you will see who I am on the site.
Good Luck anyway

Oh that’s a great site. I will be ordering.
Can I just ask you all, How long was it before you got your prosthesis ? I had op 2nd of June. Full mastectomy and 10 nodes. Still only got the soft fabric one. Not sure how long you are supposed to wait for a fitting. I only ever see the the Chemo team now. So not sure what to do next. xxx

Hi peppapot

The link below takes you to our publications all about prosthesis. I hope you find it helpful.

Best wishes

Oh Thank you Annabell, That has eased a worry. Plenty time yet eh? xxx


Thanks for the link.

One question - why are the products not being modelled by women who have had surgery?

Thanks …

The photographs are modelled currently by the suppliers models over which I have no control - YET! I am planning to have my own photos taken next year when I have consolidated the collection.

Any more thoughts??? I am constantly scouting round to find useful garments.


Hi Nippon
Great site, lots of choice. Going for my 1st rad this afternoon, so will be having a better look at the site later. Already have some of the seamless bras (the Carriwell type), and recommend them. They are about the only type that I’ve been able to wear for more than a few hours without suffering the next day.
Keep up the good work

Hi Annette,

I’m so glad to have found this thread and your post. Please can I pick your brains? I am currently a size 32FF (ie. small frame large boobs). Due to have a mastectomy in a few weeks followed by rads. I’m really worried that I can’t find post mastectomy bras anywhere in my size. Breast care nurse is good for most things but all she has been able to do for this is give me lists of online suppliers which don’t appear to have my size. Is sizing different post op? I’m dreading having to send for a succession of products which have to be returned because they don’t fit. I’ve had 6 sessions of chemo already and just don’t have the energy. I will eventually have a reduction on the good breast and a reconstruction but that is likely to be at least a year away. Help!

Hi Julia, I hope your first session went well. One down, how many to go?

Jan ---- You are right in saying there is little choice in a 32FF, I really can’t find any. What I do have, which is really comfortable and can be used with softees or without is the Royce Silver Bra which opens at the front and is very definately worth trying. It’s made of a fatastic new material which is said to aid healing. Have a look at it on the website, we have a 32F which may well be just what you need, but in the morning I will talk to the manufacturers and check to make sure you wouldn’t be better with a 34F. I’ll do some looking fior you. That’s what I’m here for! I really know how draining it is doing shopping.

I’ll let you know in the morning.
Best wishes