I’ve just been diagnosed with grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, my surgery is next week, please can anyone help me with bras?



Hello and welcome to the forum, one which you really dont want to be part of for obvious reasons, but one thing you can be sure of on here you will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here xx


I bought mine from M&S it was a non wired, cross over soft bra, it was really lovely easy to wear and gave me good support


i know other ladies have got bras from Asda


Come on here whenever you need support as there will always be someone on here to help you


Helena xxx

Thanks x

Hi Emma, be guided by your breast care nurse/surgeon. Depending on what surgery you have you may want a good sports bra or a post surgery bra. You can get a front opening if you’re having lymph nodes removed as that can restrict your arm movement. Also the post surgery bras have a pocket sewn in so that you can put some padding/softie/prosthesis in if you are uneven after surgery.

Wishing you well with your surgery. Do explore this site for support from ladies going through the same treatment as you and inspiration from ladies further down the line.

Dawn x