Brave Girl!

I am now 2 weeks post Mastectomy and Lymph clearance I am going for my results on June 2nd (gulp!)

I decided that today was the day to ask my OH if he was ready to see my scar…I was so nervous …but he handled it so well, he said " gosh haven’t you healed well and it’s not as I imagined it to be"

A very emotional moment as I’m sure you are all aware. I now feel so much better in myself that I’ve actually ordered a new pretty bra cos I’m fed up of my post surgery one’s!

I have a question though…is there anywhere I could donate my post op bra’s to?
They were from Amoena and quite expensive and I have hand washed them so they are in very good condition…I don’t want to just push them to the back of the draw or bin them…any thoughts?


Hi Sue,

Best of luck with your results. You can see things a little clearer when you know your treatment plan and you can see that date up ahead when it will all be over.

Lots of love Andrea x

Well done on getting the scar reveal out of the way. Good luck when you get your results - hope things are as well as they can be.

Hi Tesco are collecting old Bras at the moment in aid of Breast Cancer care
Saw it yesterday - my first real outing post masectomy - every where i went there were ads re cancer!!! Maybe i just didn’t pay enough attention before it became reality for me - I wonder how true that is for all of us.


You could sell it on Ebay hun…I’m sure other bc ladies would benefit from a cheaper bra as i’ve looked on there too!! And you could donate some of the proceeds towards a bc charity!!
Go on me for thinking!!!

HI Lauren,

Sorry to jump in on this thread but I was wondering how you are doing, how is the chemo going, I am still waiting to see my oncologist to sort mine, but doing well in the mean time. Are you coping ok with the little ones I was wondering where you were!

Debs x