Brca 1 newbie needing some help

Thank you for your kind words, i am taking it in but its a huge shock… i am trying to get some counselling as i feel i need it. Someome wrote thatthey had time bomb boobs and thats exactly how it feels. I will be having a hysterectomy as well and i suppose as early days it is, its a decision i have made. I feel gulity for my daughter, my dad who watched my poor mum pass away and now this with me, i feel very emotional and very mixed, is this a normal reaction? Im guessing reactions do not come with a manual? Thank you again for your kind rdply. You say about support, would you be able to point me in that direction please. Thank you so much… xx

Maria your genetics people should be able to offer counselling if not Macmillan or maybe ring the helpline on this site. Which genetics centre are you attached to ?

Wendy x x

Hi everyone,


I’m 27 and found out I’m BRCA 1 two months ago. I’m very glad I’ve found this thread as reading the comments already reassures me that I’m not alone with how I feel. It’s good to read other stories. I’m trying to stay positive since I’ve had my results, although do struggle at times. My dad found out he is a carrier 2 years ago so I’ve had that time to get my head around the fact it is in my family but I wasn’t ready to have the test done until early this year and since I found out I’m  relieved I now know. I think I’ve already made the decision to have breast surgery, I have an appointment next week to discuss this. I’m having difficulty though planning my life. My boyfriend and I would love to have a family and are currently trying to decide whether to try PGD but unsure what order to do this and the surgery in. I think this is because of my age I feel both should be happening around the same sort of time but bearing in mind waiting lists etc for surgery and PGD, I just don’t know what to do first! Fortunately I have a good support network of family and friends and it’s good to get their opinions but would love to hear from others who are in/have been in a similar situation to me. 


Nikki x