BRCA gene

Hi. Ive been diagnosed with bc, had my wle&snb, now waiting for radiation. Ive just came back from my weekend break in Poland. While I was there I went to see a very good polish gyn-oncologist, just to have a second opinion. He said I need to get BRCA gene tested because of my age (37). Does someone know if I can get this done on NHS or do I need to go privately?

Hi Naza,

First of all welcome to the forum & do hope you are recovering well. 

My understanding is that the BRCA test is offered is there is a family history of bc, but I’m not sure whether it is offered routine on basis of age only. 

One of the other ladies maybe able to answer your query, alternatively, you can also post your question on the ‘ask our nurses’ board. 

ann x

Thank you ann-m. X

Hi Naza. I’ve been referred for the gene test. I’m 34 and have no family history of breast cancer. My doctor said that the younger you get breast cancer the more likely it is that it’s caused by the faulty gene so would get me tested. I haven’t had an appointment for it yet so don’t know either way yet.