Hello, I was diagnosed with BC and i have now just received the 5 year all clear. I was told i was BRCA1 just after my treatment and went on to have my ovaries removed. I was not put on HRT at the time because of the BC. I have suffered terrible symptoms now with the menopause for 4 years and have osteoporosis as a result. My oncologist has said it should be fine for me to take HRT now as I have had a full mastectomy and the risk of BC is extremly low. My GP has now prescribed Kliovance HRT and wondered if anyone else with the BRCA1 gene is also taking HRT? Any comments would be appreciated! x

Hi Dancer

im not taking HRT but my onc and breast surgeon are happy for me to have it if i need it. i had a hyst and ooph 4 months ago as im brca 2 and still have both breast as had lumpectomy on both sides… will prob have MX at some point.

but the research i have read on the use of HRT shows that women who are brca 1 or 2 and have their ovaries out do not have an increased risk of BC if they go on HRT… there isnt any research for women who have had cancer but i would say that after having the Mx your risk of bc is very small with or without the HRT.

lulu x

Thank you for your reply Lulu! I will give it a go for 3 months and see if it helps the symptoms I have been experiencing for 4 years now. Hope all is good for you x x dancer x x