Break from zoladex/letrozole due to pregnancy


I am 42, in January 2013 had neoadjuvant hormonal treatment with zoladex and tamoxifen followed by chemotherapy and surgery in May 2014 (5cm DCIS,LCIS, AND Lobular) 16 out of 22  lymph nodes involved, radiation. The cancer was  ER+. From July 2014 started zoladex and letrozole. March 2016 DEXA showed osteoporosis.

 I am keen to stop temporarily my treatment as I would like to become pregnant. Advise and sharing experiences much apprecciated. How safe or dangerous could it be?

What other preventing recurrence drugs are available which will not worsen the osteoporosis? 


Is 5 years of hormonal treatment countable in my case from january 2013 when I started zoladex, or after I had my surgery in May 2014? 

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