Breakthrough Breast Cancer Generation Study

Please take a look at this website and read about the breast cancer breakthrough of the Landmark Breast Cancer Study:-

Researchers have made a discovery which could change the way breast cancer is diagnosed and treated, by identifying new genes and by classifying breast cancer into at least 10 subtypes. This research looked at around 2000 breast cancers diagnosed over the past 10 years, examining their genetic profiles.

Both these findings could mean that the way treatments are tailored for women with breast cancer could change dramatically and in the future could help doctors to know which patients will benefit from certain treatments.

My sisters and I signed up to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Generation study many, many years ago - little did I know that I would one day have need of their research. I was diagnosed a year ago and have since given my permission for them to have a sample of my tumour. I have also just been approached by the Cancer Research UK Human Cancer Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology Groups in Cambridge to take part in their research project which I am going to sign up to.

I urge you all to do the same as the more women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer take part in these projects then the greater the prospect of understanding the causes of breast cancer, and then finding more effective treatments. Please also urge your friends, family and colleagues to sign up too, even if they have not been diagnosed. All that is required is a blood sample and a questionnaire that is followed up periodically.

If something positive can come from my diagnosis then I will be helping the future treatment for other women in the same way that the research and development of herceptin is helping me.



I signed up a few years ago and think I have completed 2 questionaires so far.
I agree with you…so worthwhile.


I signed up long before diagnosis as well and both my daughter joined as soon as they were old enough. It used to be 18, but it now is 18.
My oldest agreed to signed up when she realised that blood samples were not essential.
I have filled in a couple of surveys since joining.

I agree, it really is worthwhile. I’ve been involved since the start and have just had the most recent follow-up questionaire. Two of my sisters have been dx with bc since my own dx (primary nearly 13 years ago and mets almost 2 years ago)so as a family the news from research is hopeful and could make such a huge difference to all bc in future tears.

Oh Julie

I hope that you meant to say ‘in future years’, but I can quite understand if you did mean to say ‘in future tears’

It is so important that we help those involved in research to find those ‘missing links’ that will help families such as yours.

Mazzalou xx

oops! yes I meant years!
Hopefully this research will go from strength to strength and will have implications for other cancers too

oops! thanks mazalou - i haven’t sent the laatest questionnaire back & will rummage around & find it
as you say, this is the one where they get to look through medical notes, get bits of biopsies etc with my permission so presumably more important to them than all the others (although i guess i’ve been in the at-risk comparison group up till now)

sorry mazzalou, spelt your name wrong

Well, it’s a good job that mazzalou is a combination of my name, hubby’s name and our surname as you would be sure to get our surname wrong!