Breakthrough Generations Study

Hello all

Some of you might not have heard of this study and I know that they are still recruiting so if you would like to join then please go to their website:

All you need to do is answer a fairly comprehensive questionnaire and give a blood sample. You do not need to have a diagnosis to particpate so please encourage family and friends to take part.


Hello. I’ve recently been sent an invitation to join this study. I’ve sent back my “permission” slip, and am wondering if anyone else here is taking part. Anybody have anything to say about it?

I recruited as many black women as I could last year as I found that breast cancer although rarer in black women was more likely to be of the more aggressive kinds. I met Nyra at my support group at St Thomas’ Hospital and she was so great I wanted to do something for her. To me research is the most positive thing. I became a member of the generations study in 2004 or 2005. I think they now have the 100,000 women they wanted to recruit but maybe they are still open.

A large study over many years should help a lot in working out the causes of breast cancer. That is my hope anyway



I’ve been taking part in this study for a while now, and also recently recruited my sister as we are twins and they are doing a twin sub-study. It’s relatively painless: a bit of form filling, a bit of blood taken, that sort of thing. I had someone come to the house the other day and she measured various bits of me.

I know this study won’t help me, but I’m only too pleased to be able to be part of it, as this kind of study needs lots of participants for them to make meaningful conclusions from the data, and if it helps other people with prevention or treatment that has to be a good thing.


I’ve been part of this for a few years and recruited my Mum and various friends, who have also recruited their relatives. I joined because although I won’t benefit directly, it’s one way for a large scale survey over a long period of time, with relationships being noted. I think there’s another one that’s been mentioned somewhere on this site, which recruits from BC patients - I think I’m remembering right. GPs have been very supportive for people I know in doing the blood samples.