Breakthrough's co payments event

Its Breakthrough’s co payments event this afternoon which I was really looking forward to. Mills is going too…but I can’t find the other thread about it. Anyway I’m not well (various cancer and hopefully not cancer related things) so can’t go but hope to hear reports on what happened. I was hoping to put a slightly different patient view from the one usually portrayed in the media so am really disappointed not to be there…but have sent my comments anyway!


Hi Jane
sorry you are not feeling well, what a shame you are not able to go but at least you have been able to send your comments. It is important that we are all able to express our points of view. It would not do for us all to feel the same.
I met up with Magsi this morning in Penzance it was really nice to put a face to the name. We had a very pleasant hour sat in the sun and then gave her a lift to the helipad she is off to the Scilly’s.
I have been sat in front of the tv for the last hour waiting to see Mills but it has not come on yet.
Hope you soon feel better.

Love Debsxxx