Breast Biopsy results tomorrow

Hi everyone
I’m new here and since I have no one else to talk to about what I am going through at the moment , i thought lets just get it out here with you all amazing people.
I have an appointment tomorrow for my breast biopsy results and my stress level is so high.
4 weeks ago I noticed a brownish discharge in my bra from my right breast and I immediately Googled it and saw my GP the next morning ,when she examined my breast she found a lump just below my nipple at 5 o’clock position and she referred me to hospital for more examinations , after a very 10 days of long waiting and stress finally had ultrasound and they didn’t do mammogram as they said I am only 35 , so after the US they didn’t really tell me what was the result and made another appointment for me in 7 days time for ultrasound guided core biopsy.
The biopsy was OK although I cried (not because it was painful)but because I didn’t have anyone to take with me to support me ,while the breast surgeon was doing the biopsy I asked her the why they didn’t tell me the results for US ? She said because we don’t know yet that what it is and the US just shows a solid lump and since you have discharge (which by now its color has changed to darkish yellow) so we don’t know where the discharge is coming , and we need to do the biopsy to find out .
This past 4 weeks has been so stressful, I have 3 kids (girls) age 16,12 and 14 months old and I am a single mum and my worries are not only for myself but if this is cancer (which from the day I found out about the lump I feel like it’s cancer) how am I going to cope , who is going to look after my kids , specially the little one 14 months old and during treatments and whatever that will be needed to do , who is going support me and my kids .
I had few breakdowns during this past 4 week and I don’t know what to do
My biopsy results r in tommorw and I am so nervous, stressed, scared .

Hi girlie

How did things go? Hope you got some answers and medics are looking after you. Sounds like you’re slogging through this alone AND  looking after your girls by yourself. Maybe see if there is a local group who can give you some real support, or talk to one of the nurses at BCC? I can understand that you are having some meltdowns so that says ’ find people who can listen, reassure you and walk with you’'.

 So, maybe let me know how you are, but anyway keep plugged into the forum, big hug, Caroline

Hi Caroline , thank you
I got my biopsy results today , I was literally shaking when I was called in after an hour and half waiting in the waiting area , and thanks God it was negative,so basically it’s papilloma.
I burst in to tears when she said it’s not cancer and .
They made an appointment for me in 3 weeks time and they will take it out under general anastatic,however she said that they will try to remove the only duct which the discharge is coming from but if they couldn’t find that duct , they will remove all the ducts and I will not be able to breast feed in the future is I had a baby from that breast .
Also they will examine what they will remove to see if there are any abnormality or pre cancerous cells around that papilloma(benign) and there is still 20% chance of cancer .

Hi Caroline
Thank you so much and sorry for the delayed reply.
I am still a bit worried but at least now u know what u am dealing with which makes it a bit easier ,my surgery is on the 31st of May and kids are off from school and it’s half term , so they will be home and look after each other , my elder daughter is 16 and she will baby sit , however I haven’t asked anyone to go to the hospital with me for the day of the surgery, I don’t have many close friends, but one or two who they have work and kid and I am not sure if I should or shouldn’t I ask one of them .
What I am thinking is that kids will be home and look after each other and I just go in my own and after the surgery I will call a cab to drop me home , although it would be nice to have someone to support you just by being there but I guess that’s not meant for me :frowning:,I had my little one who she was born last year and now she is 14 months old , on my own in the hospital with no help or support from anyone, her dad left me when we found out I was pregnant and haven’t seen him since (we were together for 6 year ) , now I can’t rely on anyone and I can’t really trust anyone .
anyways enough about me , how r u doing and how is everything with you ?

Hi Caroline
I had my surgery yesterday , was on my own during the surgery but a friend of mine came and picked me up and took me home and stayed with me for few hours , although I was nervous but it wasnt that bad as they put me to sleep and I woke up ,everything was done (they removed the lump with a single duct ).
They have booked me an appointment for next Monday and I will see what the result is going to be .
I just feel tired and need rest , but it is impossible with a 15 months old who is running around and touching and pulling everything she is not suppose to , I just want someone to take over for few days so I can rest but that’s not going to happen .
Enough of complaining .hope everything goes well and smooth with your surgeries ,I don’t know what are you going through but I will think of you and pray for your full and fast recovery .huggs