Breast Cancer (abscess)

Hi, i am a mum of two and 36 years old, 5 weeks ago my left breast came up twice the size over night,sore, it was hot and starting to look red towards the end of the day, then i felt a lump, my husband felt it to, went doctors. He sent me to breast unit day after next. When I got there the swelling was down a little. I had 2 mammograms, and ultrasounds, and a FNA. The FNA came back within an hour and they said it was benign. Had follow up 3 months later. So of home. 3 week later I had a letter from breast unit with an appointment to go back in 4 days time for an core biopsy, as the team has decided it needs looking at. So I went to appointment, where they told me the lump was a abscess, and they are doing the core biopsy to double check the first results, they were a little vague about things. Had core biopsy, which has left me with a big bruise, and now waiting results. BUT, I have read that abscess can be an early cancer, is that right? and what does people think of what is going on? I am worried, but really do not know how to feel. Thanks.

Hi bubbles16, so sorry you’re going through this anxious wait at the moment. I don’t have any answers for you - but I’m sure that someone out there will have some advice, so I’m going to


this back up to the top in the hopes that someone else spots it.

Hold on tight in the meantime, the waiting fore results is the absolute pits, but I’m crossing everything that you get some very good news at the end of the wait.

Sophie xx

Sorry, no advice but just to say the waiting is horrid and I wish you well.
I hope you get good news.

I had a breast abcess many years [15] before I was dx with was unpleasant and I was in hospital for 2 days but it was fine then and not related to the bc at all though it was in the same breast.
Good luck

Hi, thanks guys, this is an excellent site for discussions and also it puts minds at rest, well as much as it can. I only had my core biopsy yesterday, so bruised today.

Hi bubbles i can understand you’re worry sometimes the fluid only in FNA doesnt always contain enough cells to get a conclusive indication of what it is, so they probably want to test the tissue ( in core biopsy) to be absolutely certain it is benign and nothing to worry about x Julie

Hi people, well I had my core biopsy as I said, and the hospital made an appointment for me to go back on 16 December, to get results as they said it is a abscess, but if they find anything they will be in touch. Well today I got a call to go back next week, does not sound good a ?

Hi bubbles16,

The waiting really is torturous, try to keep busy and think positive, easier said than done I know, I too am 36 with 2 kids, and I know they keep my spirits up,as I’m sure your 2 will.

Fingers crossed everything will be ok for you, keep in touch, if you need someone to ‘talk’ to there is usually someone ‘listening’ x

Hi, thanks for all the coments. I went back to hospital today but still confused, what does B2 mean on a pathology report? Please