Breast Cancer in Liver treatment got into lungs


I was on treatment for Breast Cancer in Liver since Feb’20 - started with Kadcyla (14 Cycle). lesions in segment VI measures 10 x 5 mm (previously measured 46 x 13 mm). But Multiple nodules are seen in both lungs, with increase in the size which measures 14 x 9 mm (previously measured 1 mm). I am little curious Kadcyla is one of the best medicine for Metastasis Breast Cancer. Does it happen - while you are on Chemo cycle, does it impact other parts. or its a side effect of Kadcyla.




I am not sure what you are asking?

I think it would be better if you called the breast care nurses on this website. They will be best able to help you. The number is above these messages - 0808 800 6000.

Hope you keep well, 

Angel Eyes x

Hi Amitar,

I hope I’ve understood your post right so I’ve answered thinking you were asking about whether or not its normal for Kadcyla to cause shrinkage and growth at the same time?

I have never had Kadcyla but am aware that some breast cancer treatments can cause shrinkage in some areas but growth in others.  Its something your Oncologist should discuss with you as they will explain what they are seeing with your scan results and should let you know about any growth that is of concern…if there is, then usually that might mean they want to switch your treatment to something else. 

I have only had an experience where I had shrinkage in my bones and growth in my liver, so its not exactly the same but I have read elsewhere that the growth/shrinkage balance can be quite a common issue in secondary breast cancer.  Its best if you chat to your Oncologist about this and ask all the questions you need to, or phone your breast care nurse. 

I hope your treatment goes well and wish you all the best.