Breast Cancer Petition to No. 10

Breast Cancer Petition to No. 10

Breast Cancer Petition to No. 10 As many of you will know I have been campaigning for better recognition for women under 50 when concerned about the symptoms of breast cancer. I have lodged an e-petition with No 10 seeking signatures asking the UK Government to enable younger women (ie under age 50) who suspect the symptoms of breast cancer to be referred by their GPs for specialist examination.

The more signatures there are the more something might be done. I have extended the life of this petition for 12 months to allow as long a period as is possible to gather signatures.

I would appreciate your support.

To attach your signature go to:

Many thanks.


Have added my support.


me too!

I’ve signed… I was 45 when I found a lump - GP couldnt feel it and sent me away. I was worried so made another appt within the week - she still couldnt feel it but I insisted she referred me. Some people would just accept what their GP said and not want to go back and make a fuss - I’m glad I did, I was dx a couple of weeks later with grade 2 stage 2 bc with2 lymph nodes involved.
Julie xx

Hi Jeannie,

Just a quick note to say that I have added my signature and also forwarded the link to all my friends and family.

I have also signed the e-petition on hospital parking charges.

Good luck.

Ju x

I’m going to sign it straight away, I was told I had a cyst by GP and didn’t return for 8 weeks. I am currently in discussions with doctors after making a complaint but am having to force an admission out of them as they are trying to run around in circles and avoid the issue. I will also tell friends and family about the petition. Good luck


Done! It amazes me why do we have to do this in order to get the government to listen - Surely it is cheaper to scan earlier in both cost and emotional wellbeing!!

Hope they listen - Keep up the good work Jeannie!

I think I signed that one, but I will go and check.

I have just lodged a new petition calling for free prescriptions for cancer patients. I feel that if diabetics are entitled to free meds, then cancer patients should have the same privilege. If you agree, please look out for the petition which should appear on the site soon as “freecancermeds”.

I hope no-one minds me hijacking the thread.

Dear silverlady After reading your post, I thought you may be interested to read about Breast Cancer Care’s ongoing campaign called ‘Prescription for change’ which is relevant to the issue you have highlighted. For information about the campaign please click on the following link:

I hope you find this of interest.

Kind regards
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Breast Cancer Care

Just added my name to the petition.


Well I hope the “prescription for change” campaign is successful because Downing Street rejected my petition! They said it was too similar to other petitions, which it wasn’t. Grrr.

I was 48 at dx . have just added my name and will be recruiting others to sign asap.


name added Have added my name too as went to Doctor when I was 30 and delayed referring as no family history and ‘too young’.
Now have secondaries!
Also sent to everyone I know.

I will be adding my name to the petition. I was diagnosed last year, aged 47. I only got a referral to the breast clinic because I went back to my GP practice and insisted on one. At my first appointment in May, a female GP told me she was sure it was just a cyst. She said she was n’t going to refer me to the clininc as they get annoyed when people are referred unnecessarily. I went back a couple of weeks later, saw another GP who said he agreed with her but did refer me to the clinic when i insisted on this. On 1st August, I was diagnosed with cancer that turned out to be invasive as well as DCIS with more than one area of each. I 've just gone back to work after mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. How wrong can a GP be!! The practice is now dealing with my formal complaint.


Have signed the petition spelt my name wrong duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I must find the prescription one feel strongly about that.


I’m there too now. I have just been diagnosed at 48 and keep being told I’m young. But I am certainly not unique as I can tell from this board