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Thank you UKRose.
This is very interesting.
I was one of those whose BC didn’t show up on mammogram.

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I had a mammogram that did show up to.

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It would be good if there is a new more accurate type of screening available, particularly one that will work for younger women as well. You read of so many people on here whose cancer didn’t show up on a mammogram and therefore didn’t get treated as early as they might have been.

Thanks UKrose! My 60mm lump did not show up on mammogram so this will definitely be on my lsit of questions at my next meeting with Onc/consultant surgeon!

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Don,t blame you DaisyGirl ,what is the point having one Of these machine if it is missing the cancer.

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I agree with you.

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I attended a conference last April called ‘Breast Cancer in Perspective’. After beig diagnosed in August 08 with BC, I read nearly everything there is to know about bc. I remember being furious with Prof. and his remarks about mammogrammes and how many in the medical profession are now starting to question the value of mammogrammes. I was a strong advocate of mammos and felt thgat every woman over the age of 50 years, should have yearly screening, but after listening to Prof I started to question my own views on them. I have learnt that Mammos cannot save lives; they occasionally miss cancerous lumps; regular mammos do not prevent breast cancer; they increase axiety amongst women, I could go on and on. However, the only time a mammo can be of any use is when and if it picks up the pre-cancerous condition called dcis. I understand that this stage of the disease Stage 0 is 100% curable. Unfortunately, mammos don’t always pick this up. So I am no longer an advocate of this particular screening tool for breast cancer. I think money would be better spent on developing research that can detect those women who may be at risk, by this I mean all women and not just those who have a family history.

Daisygirl my lump was also 60 mm and didn’t show up on the mammogram… I found the lump myself and it was seen on the ultrasound after getting the all clear from the mammo. I had to have a mastectomy because it was so large and feel well hacked off that I got the all clear some four months previously.

I am no advocate of mammos.Despite several negative mammo results,even on the day of dx I was found to have secondary spread to the axilla,lungs and bones.This was after years od pain under my arm and was constantly told it was just muscular,could not be cancer because my mammo results were negative!
Eventually after many months of excruciating back pain i dicovered a lump under my arm and gp referred me to breast clinic.
Result exstensive secondary spread from day one and no time to get my head around a cancer dx,staight into chemo and rads so no time to really feel angry.However post treatment I do feel angry,especially if there are better ways of detection than mammos.
I received a letter in the post a few days ago for a routine mammo so informed them i was not interested.Why waste all this money on a system that is so outdated and inefficient.All women of any age are entitled to routine scans using equipment which gives an accurate result and a chance of early treatment, and a chance of being cured of this damn disease.
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Hi lucinda

I am sorry if I appeared aged focused in my comments. I am aware that younger women can develop this dreadful disease. As you say, we should all have access to a more reliable form of screening. Mammos do appear to be more and more outdated. I can’t believe I am now saying this, but mammos will only pick up more and more cancers. Their use is proving to be very limited…

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hi yellow-thank-you so much for your comment-dcis at stage 0 is 100% curable-that’s my diagnosis-detected by mammogram-had wle and in the middle of radiotherapy now-i keep worrying-should i have been given hormone therapy etc-is it her2 (it is ) oestrogen receptive (it is)-it’s 8/8 ( ? )-think i’ve read too much-i remembered that the oncologist gave me that statistic but i’d forgotten til i read your post-good luck to everyone -stella