Breast Cancer spread to the lungs

Breast Cancer spread to the lungs

Breast Cancer spread to the lungs I have started this topic on behalf of new user sue

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Hi, I hope I am in the right place ! Just wanted to hear from others that have had this spread. I am alittle bit scared of what the future holds.

I was original diagonised in May 2003 and yesterday found that my cancer had spread via the lymph glands into the lungs. This spread looks like it has taken just 4 weeks. I am off for a CT today and then will start on the clinical trail of tykerk and Xeloda. I have already been given the ‘usual’ drugs already.

Any words of wisdom ??


Dear Sue,

I haven’t got any words of wisdom, but thought I’d just let you know that you are not alone. I was diagnosed with BC and lung mets nearly 3 months ago, and it’s certainly a roller coaster. I am only on tamoxifen at the moment as have obviously not had treatment in the past, but I hope you will get some replies from some of the wise women that have replied to my postings over the last few weeks and are living with lung mets. I have found this forum enormously supportive and hope you do to.

Best wishes and hugs

Hi Sue

Just wanted you to know your not alone… i have also been diagnosed with lung mets too…its very scary when you first get the diagnosis… i have to admit i’m still trying to get my head around it and i have days when i really struggle to come to terms with it.

I started tykerb and xeloda today… i am hoping this is the answer for me since my previous chemos seem to have failed…

where are you being treated at?

take care


My wife had lung mets that with Taxoter and Xeloda, have completely disappeared. Hope yours do too.

i had taxotare for lung mets 3 and half years ago and it seemed to do the trick as i have had no further treatment since then and am very well. Hope your chemo does the trick for you

I have posted this on Sue’s behalf.

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Thanks guys for your help and support. It just seems never ending, with all the operations and chemos, herceptin, radio etc.For me it has been on going for 4 years now and I am sure longer for others too. Fingers cross things will get better over the next few weeks.

Jakki Just to let you know that I am at the Marsden in London and been looked after by Prof Smith.