breast cancer symptoms?

Hi I’m very scared… I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I haven’t received any formal diagnosis. However was told that it is very highly likely. I am back at barts on Thursday. I lost my mum in august. I have arthritis and IBS. Also I suffer with anxiety. Before my diagnosis I was having symptoms of chronic fatigue. Body pain and aches in spasms around my body. Also I had exhaustion, tiredness headaches sore tounge etc. Since being diagnosed I’m still getting these pains all over my body. Especially top of back and lower back and my neck. The tumor in my right breast is the size of a golf ball. After biopsy it’s very bruised and very sore. Can anyone please tell me if they have suffered with these symptoms? I’m so so scared. Sleeping is none existent. I had blood tests a stool test temperature and oxygen levels today and they have all come back perfect. So why am I feeling so unwell? Thanks for any advice feed back…oh and also the ultra scan showed there was no lumps under my arms in the lumpth area

Hi Nick Roberts
So sorry you find yourself here. But I hope you find the advice and understanding comforting as I did and still do on this form
I read your post and alot reminded me of myself at diagnosis in may this year. I also just lost my mum months before. Realy sorry xx
Going through all the waiting on tests is the hardest with waiting on results. It really is. I was so anxious i could not eat and signed off work. I felt lots of aches and pains then and worried it was something else but once my treatment plan started they did vanish. Honestly. X
Be kind to yourself just now.
And keep posting. You will get through this.

Hi Nicki

youve found a good place here, it’s a very anxious time and I am still not through this but can share a couple of thoughts.  I am also under Barts and have been to the Thursday clinic many times.  Email me directly if you feel I can help in explaining their routines etc.


i went to see my GP yesterday which was a good move. He was very re-assuring in terms of how to manage the anxiety and what to expect, I wish I had gone in October when I was first diagnosed.   Also I have found the nurses on the help line really helpful as my anxiety levels have been horrendous.  Do you have anyone who can go with you on Thursday?  

Hi Nicki,
I was also told it was cancer before I went for the official results a week later.
My body went into shock - I couldn’t eat, I felt ill, I had earache, backache & both my breasts hurt.
The biopsy at the time wasn’t painful, but it was sore for quite a few days later.

The waiting, as the other ladies have said, is the worst time, but once you get your treatment plan it will get better.

Come on here & rant & rage - we will be here for you.
Sending you hugs.

I can’t thank you all enough for your lovely replys. I feel exactly how you have all described. I have body pains everywhere. I’m pretty breathless as well. Can’t eat at all. I had lower back spasms before this as my mum had mobility problems. So I was lifting her alot. That’s when my back went. Also I have had arthritis. My neck has always been really stiff. But the last month the shooting pains go up on the right side up to my head. I keep getting scared that it has spread. I’m terrified. I have a 22 year old daughter who has just had a baby…They live with me and her partner in my small flat because they have no home of there own. I feel stressed to the max they are Young and my house is always a mess. I can’t handle it…However there love and support has been amazing. I feel suffocated like I want to run away from my own body. Like I want to run from everything. I have good friends although this time of year is so busy for everyone. I’ve not done a thing for Xmas. I don’t want to either. I jsut feel so alone. So when I woke up to these beautiful messages I cried…I feel knumb and so so terrified. I can’t leave my daughter and granddaughter they need me. Just went through four years of hell with my mum who developed frontal lobe dementia at 56… I was her carer. This year she was palliative care and the hospital / homes where awful. Cancer has so much more then what these people do. I was alone with my mum … also no support there. My whole body is wrecked…I feel so so powerless… I was on my own last Thursday at barts when they told me. I walked out the hospital in a daze. Got the train home…don’t remember any of it…Thanks everyone for being here for me I really can’t thank you enough…I’m also here for yous…im sorry for you all too…xxxx

Also my toilet is black. Is this normal? Xxx

Hello Nicki - you’ve come to the right place for support, we are all going through the same thing, although our journeys will be different, we all share the same fears, anxieties, highs and lows.  I was diagnosed at the end of October and I haven’t slept properly since then apart from when I’ve had some medication to help.  I’d echo Emily’s advice and speak to your GP - mine was incredibly helpful for a change!  Usually you can’t get an appointment for weeks!  


You’ll find you will have good days and bad days, but I find the mutual support on this forum so helpful - it’s rare we all have a bad day together, and we’ve all had different experiences so there’s always someone to give constructive advice.  I’ve rung the helpline several times and they’ve been so helpful, even when all I did was cry down the phone.  


Keep in touch.


I really don’t like the pain I’m getting in my head/back/neck/legs/hands/fingers. I really think it’s spread. I really feel ill…I don’t think this is anxiety…although is this shock? I just read it’s spreads to lungs liver bones drain…All the places where the pain is. Also my tounge is so sore and has like these deep liaisons in it?? I’ve been terrible breathless also waking up changing my pj’s twice in the night where I’m sweating buckets…I’m 45…I’m think I am menopausal as well?? Doctor gave me Diazapan for keeping calm also taking paracetamol for pain. Helps a little…scared to sleep…In case I don’t wake up…I don’t want to leave my daughter or granddaughter…even though I know they will be fine I feel I’m letting her down…I feel abandoned by everyone…don’t speak to my family as they where awful to me and my mum when she got ill…very selfish people I’m dealing with…They can’t look after themselves let alone anyone else. Sorry I’m so angry…is this normal?? I myn has spread I really do…Thank you for being here for me…your all so so amazing. .such strong inspirational people I feel so blessed I came across this support network thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bit of an effort trying this out though xxx

Hi Nicki,


So sorry you are going through all of this especially after what you have already dealt with in the recent past.


I think it’s totally normal to feel the way you do at this stage. I too was told when I first presented myself at the clinic that my lump was “suspicious” so the week from the tests to diagnosis was a total nightmare and I went through many of the things you are describing with regards to aches and pains. The mind is a very powerful thing and can influence your physical state in many ways.


The first thing I did when I got out of that first clinic appointment was to call my best friend and tell her to “look after my husband when I die.” Sounds totally dramatic now but I was convinced during that period that the end was nigh! 


As others will tell you, once you have confirmation and a treatment plan in place things do get easier to navigate. I finished treatment in March this year and can honestly say that I feel pretty good now. It’s not always an easy process but treatments and research for BC have come on so much in these last few years. I comforted myself throughout my treatment with the thought that our wonderful and cash strapped NHS (and I am assuming you are in the UK as I write this) would not treat so many of us with this disease if the chances of us going on to live for many years was not a possibility. 


As others have said, you have come to the right place for reassurance and support. Let us know how you get on.