breast cancer with possible lung cancer

I had a biopsy on the 11th May and my brother passed away on the following morning with oesophagus cancer, I was told almost immediately it was cancer and that I am having a masectomy on the 20th June they have also said the CT scan showed up a nodule on my lung measuring just 5mm which they said is too small to test or to do a biopsey on, so they just want me to go ahead with the mammogram and deal with the lung later, I was next of kin to my brother and miss him terribly and feel like this is trying to take over my grieving process for him, As it occupys alot of my thoughts, but I could not deal with this till I had buried him, which was last Friday 27th. I was told by my doctor he was 90% certain it was just a cyst as it was so big all of a sudden, so did not even think of cancer and i was very shocked. I just feel numb and had to go to hospital yesterday to same area where my brother died and i just broke down, I fell better I called this helpline and it helped. but any advise please let me know thanks Jean x

No advice Jean - just so sorry to see you here! But welcome and all my best wishes. My own way of managing has been just throw everything at it! I have a 4cm tumour with lymph node involvement so I am starting chemo in next two weeks, then surgery and rads. Just take one day at a time if you can. There are some fantastic people on here and I am sure they can offer real advice. I have been so lucky to have my fab husband with me every step of the way and he has asked to questions I forgot or didn’t think of and has not hesitated to question the consultants when necessary (my dx kept changing as more info came in). So keep asking questions keep challenging for the best care possible - you deserve it, we all do! Take care, thinking of you.

Fi xx

hello jean and i am so sorry to hear of your loss and now your new fears , i lost my parents to cancer within a short space of time , my brother died the year after my dad and my nan 3 weeks later , my best friend the next year and here is my point , i thought i would never ever get through that , my heart was broken and i never believed it would mend , but life will go on , our lives do go on , we may change our outlook and for a while be negative but each day will be a new day , take it as it comes , you will find yourself crying and thats so ok , we are human and we feel pain , dont be afraid to talk and let it out , face your fears and believe in yourself , your brother is now looking after you and will be by your side with each step you take , you will never be or have to be frightened of being alone , your family and friends will support you and their love is unconditional , my thoughts are with you and your strength will come xxxxx trish

Hi Thameslady
I just wanted to let you know that I too had (still have!) a small 4mm lung node which was discovered on my first CT scan post bc diagnosis. At the time we agreed to leave this aside, assume it’s nothing, but monitor it and deal with bc first. My order of treatment was chemo, operation (WLE + ANC) followed by radio. Since that first CT scan, I have had two further CT scans, both of which showed that the lung node had not changed in size, shape or character. So we continue to assume it’s scar tissue that could have been there for years…
So I truly hope that you’re dealing with bc only at this stage!
I really feel for you and your loss. One step at a time and you will get through this.
Nikki x

Just sending you huge hug and positive thoughts Thameslady as you try to cope with all that’s happening. Trish - thanks so much for sharing your journey - it’s helped me and I hope it helps TL - somehow family traumas seem to accompany a dx - why is that…
Thinking of you and don’t be afraid to share your feelings - we can’t be strong all the time and others on this site know that only too well and will listen.