Breast cellulitis

Following lumpectomy and node clearance in July I have been left with persistent low grade cellulitis in my breast. I have had 5 short courses of Doxycicline (am allergic to Penicillin).
Just had my second chemo and wonder if the cellulitis will persist thro’ all the chemo and hinder/be made worse by rads.after Christmas. My breast gets pink and warm but I have no temp. and the doctors just say’ keep an eye on it’ - and then prescribe more of the same . I feel all these 5-day courses of anti-biotics are just tamping down the infection and that it will never clear up properly. I fear it could become chronic- and possibly encourage lymphodoema? Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi there topsymo

When I had my chemo I had had a line put in (portacath) which kept becoming infected and I kept having to be admitted to hospital with neutropenic sepsis and cellulitis. I had intravenous antibiotics. I did however have high temperatures each time which is why I was admitted. I was also given injections to keep up my white blood count as the chemo made it freefall. The injections are called GCSF and force your body to produce more white blood cells. Once I had the line taken out and the GCSF injections (mine was called Neulasta) I was fine after that. I wonder if this would help. I think it will probably settle down once you’ve finished your chemotherapy.
Best wishes

Thanks Ruby- my cellulitis is nothing like as bad as yours obviously was- but what happened to you is what I am really keen to avoid. My white blood cell count was marginal after only one chemo so I am worrying that the cellulitis may be a factor (probably not- but no-one very helpful on the subject!) Thanks for your input

No problem and wishing you all the best