breast clinic appointment (3rd time in 8 years) in 2 weeks!

I am really terrified. About 8 years ago I went to the breast clinic and was told my lump was not breast cancer just by him touching it. Then I had an ultrasound and that was fine. Last year I went back as the lump (never got told what it was but assuming a fibrodenma as he said it was not a cyst and not cancer) had got bigger. Again a consultant at the breast clinic said it was nothing to worry about and would have appointment for a scan. The letter never came and to be honest I forgot about it.

Anyway….now I came off the pill and went to my GP yesterday who couldn’t find it but then felt what she called a grain of rice size lump and when she pressed on it I could feel pain so knew she had found it. I am now worrying because this lump may have been diagnosed wrongly all those times but then it hasn’t grown.

I am being referred for a third time because I have fullness in my right armpit (same side as lump in breast). I thought it was a giant gland (would say the fullness and raise bit is about 3 -4 inches long) that was up through shaving. The GP felt it yesterday and said it didn’t feel like a gland it felt more like tissue and full ness and that I can have breast tissue in my armpit (up towards arm). Because I was poked a lot yesterday and because I keep touching my lump my breast aches and my arm aches and I am so so scared that its something missed and that I do have breast cancer.

Hi rockchick83,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place for some good, honest support from the many informed users of this site.

While you are waiting for replies I have put for you below the link to one of BCC’s publications you might find helpful. Also, if you need a confidential chat then please do phone the helpline here, no question is a silly question, they’re here to support you. Calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 9-2

Hope this helps. Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

got an appointment privately on Thursday morning. Cant take the stressy wait :frowning:

Good luck with your appton thurs rockchick


Good luck for tomorrow, Rock Chick. Fingers and everything else crossed that it turns out to be something innocent again. Stay strong, Angelfalls xx

Well I had reassuring good news today.

The consultant thinks the breast issue is thickening/fatty tissue in breast and the armpit lump he suspects is a cyst.

I have ultrasound on Monday and shall have results there and then and a biopsy if needed.

He told me not to stress over the weekend and he really feels that it is nothing to stress over. He told me he feels almost certainly that it is not suspicious and nothing to worry about.

I am obviously very pleased and hope everything confirms this on Monday but you never know do you.


So far, so good, Rock chick… Keep breathing til Monday and come back to let us know the confirmed good news, so that we can help you celebrate! xx

Rock chick that’s excellent news… I really hope that your scan confirms this on Monday

take care

Lulu x

really stressing about tomorrows outcome and I feel I dont have any right to. The consultant gave such positive news and his opinion but I keep thinking what if he was wrong and the biopsy and ultrasound come back bad news… I suffer terrible anxiety and I would not be able to cope mentally with cancer at all.

Oh, Rock Chick… Just keep breathing, put one foot in front of the other and tomorrow, you’ll know the definitive result. It all sounds positive, but of course you’re going to worry until you get that confirmation. Try to focus on that for now and not waste energies on the “what ifs”. Easier said than done, I know - we’ve all been there. Sending hugs and all the very best for tomorrow, Angelfalls xx

Rock chick really hoping for good news tomorrow, but I can understand your worry… Until you actually get the result nothing will really take that away… But what ever it is you will cope with it… I know you don’t think so but you would… The outlook for BC is very positive these days and survival is around 90% at 10 years…

But that said i really do hope your doc is right.

Lulu xx

thanks just terffied because I have heard so often that young people go in and get told first of all ‘your age is in your favour’ then the examination they feel it is just fatty tissue or a cyst and then it ends up being invasive grade 3 tumours etc etc.

I only have until 7.20 tonight when I shall see the radiographer and then see my breast consultant and then a biopsy if needed.

I go to New York next Tuesday and I have visions of me cancelling for emergency surgery or going and being scared stiff of an OP. I am going to ring the help line at lunch because I am doing everything I can just to not cry at my desk.

how did it go?

Hey just got in and had a bath. I am pleased to say I got the all clear. I had an ultrasound and the breast lump is fatty tissue and the armpit lump is lymph nodes but of no concern. Apparently I have a mini scare on armpit around where swelling is suggesting infection and both the dr radiologist and breast consultant saw the images and said all clear. I feel mixed emotions. Relief and joy I am OK but sadness and guilt for my new friend on this site who did not get the same outcome. X x

im really pleased it was good news for you… its a shame its not such good news for everybody though.

Lulu xx

thanks Lulu

It has made me realise how important your health is and not to take it for granted.

My mother in law had calcification on her breast last yr and had radical surgery. Together we are now going to campaign to lower the scanning age and organise a pink ball and start raising money for this cruel disease.

Much love to everyone here. I will post future events :slight_smile:

Love Emma xx

Hi Emmna,
I am so pleased for you that this turned out to be “something and nothing” rather than anything sinister. Don’t feel guilty about being clear, we would not even want our worst enemies to have this disease - and you are a friend who’s shared a bit of our journey.

Go celebrate! Then go and enjoy a long, happy, healthy life.

Fantastic news, Emma! I’m so pleased for you! Now, go and celebrate and have a fabulous time in NY!!!
Hugs, Angelfalls xx

thanks Rev :slight_smile: I really felt lifted by your prayers and thoughts.
Angelfalls - thank you for listening.

I really wish you all the very very best on your journeys.

I will remember you all in my prayers. Always

I will post future events but will be signing off for now

thank you always

Emma xxx